Mango’s Personal Shopper Exists

If I do not see it, I do not think so. What was my surprise when I read in the new Mango catalog that the chain has made available to us a totally free personal shopper service? What a personal shopper for me alone and without dropping a hard? I could not believe it, the times I’ve dreamed of having one and spending an entire afternoon of Compiled. So I quickly started to find out if our personal shopper was a reality or the fruit of one of my fashionist fantasies. Continue reading →

Music Festival Fashion Basics

Music festivals seem to cluster around when the weather is warm. You, therefore, want to pick a fashion that is comfortable, but there are a few trends that you will see at these events. Graphic t-shirts are one of them. Something like the this is how I roll tractor shirt tends to go over quite well with music festival goers, but it’s not limited to that design. Pick a statement or image that fits your mood and style, and you’ll fit in regardless. Continue reading →

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Basic Wardrobe Essentials for College Guys

Shopping is as important for college guys as it is for girls. The guys often think about shoes and gym clothes, but there’s more to it than that. Your college wardrobe must account for what’s appropriate in class, at work, or going out with friends. Basic wardrobe essentials include: Continue reading →

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2017 Campaign Galliano

A luxury campaign with a Cadillac as a stage? Yes, as you read and as you see. The new campaign of Galliano has been made completely next to a convertible Cadillac of light blue color. The models pose in him, supported, elegant and very sexy to show the new spring proposals of this firm as sophisticated. Continue reading →