What To Wear Female Espadrilles In The Summer?

Espadrilles are shoes of Spanish origin. Once they were used by poor peasants, weaving a sole of a special kind of dried grass and sewing pieces of flax and canvas to it. Over time, these light, breathable summer shoes on a flat sole, which sprung and easily took the form of the foot, attracted the famous designer Yves Saint Laurent. The couturier provided women’s espadrilles with platforms and tankettes, decorated them with pretty ribbons that fastened ankle-length, instilling a love for simple high-end ladies shoes from high society and ordinary girls. Continue reading →

What To Wear With Women’s Rough Shoes?

In recent years, rough shoes have firmly settled in the wardrobes of girls who are closely monitoring current trends. Such models look stylish, quite practical. They are highly valued for comfort and are able to make even the most unassuming look extraordinary. It is a mistake to think that such shoes are suitable only for teenage girls. Stylish massive shoes for women organically combine laconic design, attractive appearance, reliably protect from the vagaries of the weather, so they like ladies of all ages. And not every one of us is ready to go on heels every day. But before trying on the Timberlands, Martins, it is desirable to understand what is the best way to wear rough shoes to a girl so that the image does not seem too brutal and aggressive. Continue reading →

Baby Dollar Dresses in Women’s Wardrobe

Femininity, innocent flirtatiousness and the charm of youth are the main features of the style called baby dollars or “doll”. The main element of the girl’s wardrobe dressing style was a sweet, short dress that reveals slender legs and arms and emphasizes a delicate girl figure, open but not decorated, without the slightest hint of vulgarity or erotica. For the first time, baby dress dresses appeared in America at the end of the 50s, after the release of the film “Doll”. The main character of the ribbon was dressed in an elegant short dressing gown and became the embodiment of cute innocence, triggering a real boom in the fashion industry. Let’s see what the baby dollar dress looks like, and what, how and who should wear it? Continue reading →

Rules For Choosing A Stylish Winter Coat

A stylish winter coat is a classic piece of clothing for the harsh cold. In the conditions of a long cold season, it is required to choose, first of all, high-quality outerwear. Not only the appearance but also your well-being depends on the right choice. Do not be in a hurry to give preference to such popular options as feathers. Fans of elegant style today have plenty to choose from. Many manufacturers have learned to sew such models that can withstand a rather serious minus. A good coat will warm you even in severe frosts and will be worn for more than one season. Continue reading →

A Selection Of Dresses For Graduation In Kindergarten

Graduation in kindergarten – a particularly important event, leaving behind the most unforgettable childhood memories. This holiday becomes a bright end of the carefree time spent in the kindergarten, and the beginning of a completely new stage, in which the child must enter with the right emotions. And for this, not only the organization of the holiday itself is important, but also the preparation of a children’s dress for a girl preparing for significant event graduation in kindergarten. Continue reading →

4 ways to wear stripes this spring

The cold weather will soon be over, paving the way for warmer climes and that all important spring wardrobe. So, how ready are you to transition into next season? One way in which you can prepare ahead of time is to pick out a few key pieces that will help you take your wardrobe all the way to summer. Stripes are perfect for adding a pick me up to any outfit, especially as the sun comes out. So, why not try a few of these to add a new lease of life to your look this spring. Continue reading →

Bomber Jacket In The Female Wardrobe

Year by year, street fashion is becoming increasingly relevant direction for designers in the global fashion industry. This is largely due to comfort, which women want to feel today not only while walking with friends but also on a journey, on a romantic date, at work, etc. Women’s bomber jacket – clothes in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Her laconic design, original cut, flawless fit are able to focus on the merits, turning every girl into a confident, sexy and spectacular person. This jacket will allow you to feel comfortable, free and easy to move, to feel absolute comfort, but at the same time look perfect. We propose to consider the features, photos of the main trends of 2019, many of which can adopt the most sophisticated women of fashion. Continue reading →

Tips for choosing Prada shoes

Functionality and comfort are crucial aspects that affect the choice of shoes for both men and women.

People in different age groups and from all walks of life look for the best Prada shoes that will serve their needs.  But finding the right pair of Prada footwear may be somewhat challenging as you may be spoilt for choices.

Continue reading →

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How Perfume Makes or Breaks Your Fashion Statement

When we get dressed, there is always an image we want to send out; even if this process is completely subconscious. A day in pyjamas and our favourite jumper will always be a day of rest, whereas that important meeting at work might be cause to dig your favourite killer heels out from your closet. In these times, it is imperative that you choose the right scent too. Here is why the perfume you wear could make or break the statement you are attempting to make with your fashion choices.

The Image

As said above, every outfit projects a certain image. We create these projections to give the world an indication of the way we want to be taken. If you are wearing a sharp business suit with a slick of red lipstick, you want to be taken seriously and you even want to possibly come across as slightly intimidating. A light, sweet floral scent is not the right choice for a fragrance with this combination. It would in face undermine it completely and leave people confused.

Here comes this powerful-looking woman who looks like she knows what she is doing, yet she smells like a flowery meadow. The two images do not correspond, and it can lead to some doubts about your style.

Management of the Situation

People like other people who smell nice, that is a fact. If you are needing a situation to swing in your way, the scent you choose could help you along. Just as people choose to wear their lucky pants, or take along their favourite bag for a confidence boost, the right perfume can serve as the medium you need to give yourself a little leg up.

The right perfume can also help you manage other people. Whether it is someone complimenting your scent, or a flirty remark from someone attracted to it, remember who responds positively and who responds negatively. It might help you gain the upper-footing in a crucial situation.

How to Get It Right

Even if you do not want to invest in multiple perfumes for different situations, you can still find the perfect middle ground. Shop around and buy now if you are searching for a signature scent that will take you to new heights. Do you want to be positive and bubbly? Consider something with notes of citrus. Dark and mysterious? A more musky, masculine scent might just be the thing for you.

You will most likely be instinctively drawn to a scent which matches your personality and your dress sense. Think carefully when buying to make sure you are not picking up something which sends out very mixed signals. You may be surprised how easy it is to narrow down your choices. You will then be left with a great selection to work through before you find exactly the right one.

Your perfect scent is waiting not just for you but waiting to match to your power outfit today. Start the hunt and get ready to step out with confidence!

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Unique Wedding Style

Wedding styles should be unique to the bride and groom as this is a celebration of their love and future life together. If a couple is recently engaged, it is never too early to start thinking about their dream wedding. One needs to consider everything from the cuisine to the location. However, some things are often overlooked especially when it comes to the groom and his attire. This is an important day for him as well, and he should look and feel amazing as he meets his partner at the alter.

Wedding Dresses on Spaghetti Straps

The Groom’s Wedding Look

A grooms attire can be simple and elegant or extravagant and luxurious. The choice should match the bride and the location. It is never a bad idea to ask for input from friends and family, but the groom should have the final say in what he wants to wear on the big day. One of the best ways to express his personal stye is through footwear. An outdoors wedding can be a great time for a unique choice such as mens square toe cowboy boots. A dynamic look like this will translate amazing with an outgoing bride and groom on their wedding day. Of course, this is just one example of footwear that can help a groom stand out on his wedding day.

Capturing the Style of the Big Day

Wedding photography should reflect the nature of the bride and groom. This can be done by capturing the footwear of the two but especially the groom as so much can be said about a man by his choice of shoes or boots. A woman often picks a whole outfit surrounding her shoes, but many a groom does the same thing. He might have a favorite style of shoe that will translate beautifully with either a tuxedo or a subtle three piece suit. The goal is to create an incredible look that will look dynamite next to the bride during pictures as well as throughout the ceremony and reception.

One photograph idea that could be considered is a portrait of the shoes of both the bride and groom. A unique photo opportunity such as this shows off each of their personal style while also capturing the moment forever. Wedding photos should reflect their partnership in soul and style.

If a groom’s attire is an afterthought, then the pictures might not be the best they can be. It is not hard to piece together a menswear wedding look if the groom knows what he wants in his look. Piece together a mood board for inspiration if the ideas are not quite there. This is a great tool to use for planning the entire wedding as well.

Plan a Big and Bold Wedding of Dreams with Some Needed Help

It is important to remember to not worry about sweating the small stuff! While it is true a wedding can be stressful, if proper steps are taken the bride and groom can actually enjoy the celebration of their big day. People say the day passes so quickly, and it can be hard to be in the moment. The couple should have a little moment to themselves between the reception and the ceremony. This is a good time to shoot pictures as the couple will be alone, calm, and enjoying this memorable day. This is an important moment, and it needs to be captured!

A good way to remain stress free on a wedding day is to hire a wedding planner. They will take care of all the details on the day. If any problem arises, they are the ones to cover everything. The wedding planner will have experience in running big events and covering problems of any kind. Thus, it is ideal for a bride and groom if one wants their big day to be easy and full of fun. There is no reason why a wedding can’t be the best and easiest day of anyone’s life.