Top Wedding Hairstyling Tips For Girls With Curly Hair

Most people will build up rules as to what hairstyle a woman must choose for her age. However, what they forget is the fact that age is just a number. Your hairstyle must be essentially influenced by your personal style and it must reflect your personality in it. However, while you may wish to experiment with a certain hairstyle, you may have to consider your age factor to ensure that you get the best results. Therefore, a perfect hairstyle does not smother your personal taste and also ensures that it suits your age perfectly. Besides, it has been noted that a woman constantly evolves and therefore, this might influence her dressing and hairstyling patterns. However, while this is true, it is also important that you opt for a hairstyle that gives you the confidence that you need to take on the world. Given below are some excellent options that will leave you spoilt for choice. These are chic and stylish hairstyles for every woman, irrespective of their age. Continue reading →

Rihanna The First Testimonial Color For Dior

The young singing Rihanna will be the new star of the series Secret Garden Dior turned directly to the palace of Versailles.

Rihanna was chosen as the first testimonial Countryside Color Secret Garden of Dior. For the singer of the islands Barbados it is a new challenge in the world in fashion, after the role of creative director of Puma, have made ??the testimonial of Balmain and the realization of the special bag 3Baguette for Fendi. Continue reading →

The Best Wedding Dress Style To Suite Your Body Shape

One way of shopping for a wedding dress is to get one that flatters your body shape.

If You’re Pear-Shaped:

If you are pear-shaped, your gown can have more details around the bodice. It has a flared-skirt that is smaller at the waist and gets wider towards the hips and thighs. Your outfit will be A-shaped with a slimmer top. A V-necked sleeveless strap bodice will be perfect, the fabric has a strong texture and does not cling. For example, duchesse satin and taffeta. Also remember that an A- line shaped gown is well suited for official use but can be made to look casual by using less formal materials. Continue reading →

The white sundress that we need in our closet. Which do you prefer?

You start to smell the summer and there is one thing that never fails: the desire for wearing a delicate, airy and comfortable white dress. It’s like a uniform, one way or will be taking it with brown skin feel more favored. That’s why at this point where we can say that we are in Spring, start charging batteries and artillery arm. This summer 2015 I did not catch you by surprise, and print models will wear. Which of these options do you prefer? Continue reading →

Vivetta, The New Talent Launched By Armani

Vivetta shows a new side of the bon-ton, the ironic …

Unique style, the right amount of retro references and a source of inspiration as irreverent as Elsa Schiaparelli, are the elements that characterize the style of Vivetta Bridges. After Stella Jean, Armani, the king of fashion, has an eye for another talent on the rise. Since 2008, in fact, after working for Roberto Cavalli and wisely learned all the techniques on embroidery, Vivetta launches its brand that is characterized by contrasts of style present in the leaders, who yes the nostalgic flavor of the fifties, but reveal contemporary, ironic, etiquette, feminine and fabulous. Continue reading →

BAPE X Lacoste – The New Capsule Collection

BAPE Lacoste and kick off a new collaboration sports and casual.

It’s time to collaborations and BAPE if he does not repeat twice. The Japanese brand has just launched its new capsule collection with the historic brand Lacoste. A union so unusual as bold what you created between these two giants clothing casual. Continue reading →