The Best Dressed Of The Year

Every year by this time the magazine Hola takes its survey to choose among the readers the most elegant woman of the year. Although they always repeat the same faces, Princess Letizia, Paloma Cuevas or Isabel Preysler, this year there are some curious novelties like Ana Boyer, Laura Vecino or Alejandra Rojas, who do not say that they have no style but has anyone seen more than three photos of her this year? Continue reading →

Mango Season Progress

The breakthrough of the fall 2017 season in Mango is here. If it were true, we would have pearls (these days are more reminiscent of the cold winter than on May 40) but the reality is that it is more of the same … Shorts, short sleeves, suspenders … Come on, super appropriate for the 15th Inferior, sure!) That he was doing yesterday in Madrid! Raise the hand the brave who wants to wear shorts this week!!! Continue reading →

Pull And Bear T-Shirts

Discovering part of my dark past, I’ll tell you that I spent some time working on Pull and Bear. I have good memories of that time … The satisfaction of opening the boxes with new clothes, seeing everything before anyone, assembling the newly arrived collections, dressing the mannequins. Good memories that disappear when I remember the schedule, the ceaseless Sunday openings in The community of Madrid and the warehouse without heating 2 floors down the shop … Continue reading →

Michael Kors Watches

I want a white watch and while I think if I buy the one that really drives me crazy, Chanel J12 Diamond White Ceramic , I have discovered that Michael Kors has precious watches and with very good prices. It is not the same but while saving for the Chanel I think I can settle for one of these. What do you think of these four models? The only ones I have seen in the natural are the first and the last, but the second and third look like they are precious. I will have to investigate if they sell them in Spain before I have any illusions. Continue reading →

Planning a Destination Wedding

If the thought of getting married on top of a snowy mountain or in an exotic location leaves you smiling, it may be time to consider forgoing the traditional church ceremony in favor of a destination wedding. Surprisingly affordable in many cases, getting married in a stunning locale can accommodate just the couple or the soon-to-be newlyweds and a group of close friends and family.

Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Wedding

Whether you and your fiancée are thinking of flying to Vegas to take your vows under the neon lights or you are looking for beach wedding packages that include photography, flowers and other components, finding a place that reflects your personality is important when selecting a spot for your destination wedding.
Some couples are also concerned with the cost of a destination wedding; while this can be an issue for those who have to travel a great distance to reach the spot that they prefer for their wedding, alternatives may be available. For instance, Midwestern couples on a tight budget who want to get married at the beach may opt to consider the Great Lakes Region rather than traveling to an oceanfront city. Couples struggling to agree on a location may also want to consider combining their desires; for example, if the groom wants to get married in Vegas and his partner prefers the beach, consider a wedding in Ocean City to perfectly combine the two ideas.

Planning a Destination Wedding

Guests and Destination Wedding Costs

While couples may actually save money on destination weddings over the traditional wedding-reception-honeymoon model, costs can quickly climb for guests. Typically the couple or their parents cover the cost of an airport shuttle, a special activity, such as a tour of the city, ground transportation to the wedding location and hotel rooms for wedding attendants. Guests should plan to pay for hotels, travel and related expenses; however, special guests with limited financial resources, such as a beloved grandmother, may be an exception the conventional customs surrounding who pays for what when attending a destination wedding.

Making it Your Own

If you and your future spouse are planning your wedding day in a specific location, it can be easy to overlook important customs or family traditions during the hectic planning and travel periods. Make your wedding day unforgettable by adding those special touches that are often neglected by couples marrying away from home.

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Letizia Ortiz, Among The Best Dressed In The World?

I read the news Sunday night and I could not believe it. I quickly got on the page of Vanity Fair and I could see that was true: Letizia Ortiz positioned in second place as one of the best dressed women in the world. Amazing, I prefer to think that in the Royal House they have hired a fellow to be voting all day, because I cannot believe that across the pond know who this woman is. Continue reading →