Office Style for the Women

Stylish clothing for the office, which corresponds to fashion and dress code – a myth or reality? Today, we forever debunk the stereotype that the office style wardrobe is necessarily a boring outfit in gray tones. Corporate rules regarding the appearance over the past ten years have become less stringent. This allowed women to wear classic trouser suits, and free-style dresses, denim shirts, bright blouses. If you work in a company where there is no clearly defined dress code, listen to our tips for creating a spectacular office style. Continue reading →

Lavender Color in Clothes

Deep or daisy, more festive than every day, lavender color deserves the attention of all women of fashion. What distinguishes this shade from other colleagues from the purple-violet range? Gentle saturation, piercing, but calm character. It is ideal for a confident woman with a contrasting appearance. But the color of this tone is different – from a light powder to a refreshing coolness. Continue reading →

Fashionable Manicure In The Wild

What woman does not dream of beautiful and well-groomed hands? The beauty of the hands does not depend on the shape of the fingers or on the size. Most often when meeting in the eye rushes a neat form of nails, cleanliness, and softness of the hands. Not all girls have time to go to the master of the manicure. However, today you can make a beautiful manicure with an interesting design and at home. Continue reading →

Which Greek Sandals To Choose For The Summer?

Summer shoes – a field for fashion experiments is no less wide than summer clothes. Trends storm sneakers and sneakers, and yet there are slipes, espadrilles, moccasins, sabots, Vietnamese, Birkenstocks, a variety of sandals on his heel and, of course, all kinds of sandals. Among the most popular in 2018 are Greek sandals, distinguished by their versatility and high convenience. But Athenian women understood not the only comfort: sandals in the Greek style look very stylish and fit organically into an image. Continue reading →

So Much Hair Everywhere!

Every day all over the world, millions of people walk through the doors of a barber shop or a beauty salon in search of a talented hair design artist who can help them achieve their desired look. These artists have been trained and sculpted through hair design schools, such as the Academy of Hair Design located in Springfield, Missouri or Austin, Texas. At these academies, students are guided by licensed cosmetologists and successful barbers who will teach the fundamentals of gaining clients and creating a business name for themselves.

What Can Students Gain at an Academy

  • Successful business tactics
  • Quality support system
  • Understanding how to create and maintain a client base

With the Academy of Hair Design, the staff is constantly there to support and extend their knowledge to the willing individuals who are entering the hair design industry. Students gain a complete understanding of how to accomplish gaining a client base and how to maintain that base for a successful salon or shop. The teachers all understand that without a satisfied, repeat business clientele, the hair design artist will not be successful, regardless of the technical skill. The trainers have all been in the industry for many years and are trained in a multiple of areas, which gives the training students a real life hair experience to learn from!

Academy’s History of Design

During the year 1995, three talented entrepreneurs found that they could not keep enough talented artists in their salon chain and knew that things needed to change. Eventually, with all their knowledge put together, the Academy was created to shape new and upcoming artists into business minded individuals who could successfully enter the hair design world. With different locations today, students have the opportunity to gain the insight into running their own successful salon or barber shop and how to create a personal brand name for themselves.

Learning Model

  • Teachers with hands on, industry experience
  • Not only focused on hair design but also building personal brands
  • Business base model

Gainful Employment

After spending the time to learn the valuable do’s and don’ts of the hair industry, students have a high chance of gainful employment immediately upon course completion. The teacher’s main goal is to create success driven hair design artists who can enter the field with a complete understanding and passion to attract a happy client base for themselves and the salon or shop!

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To Avoid

The most common mistakes when it comes to choosing a bra.

Choosing a bra too small

Avoid this mistake by choosing a bra at the time of purchase and make sure this bra is sufficiently adjustable. When your bra gets older and the elastic bands stretch, you’ll be able to tighten it by adjusting it further. Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To Avoid

You have not taken your measurements since moons.

The size of your bra varies from year to year depending on various factors: changing your weight, firmness of your muscles, following a pregnancy and with age. If you can, have your measurements taken in the shop, expert in bra from Beacon, New York.

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If you cannot get your measurements, use the following basic formula:

  • Measure the size of your chest by placing a tape measure under your breasts, starting from your back and around your ribcage. If you get an odd number, round it up to get the next even number. This number will tell you the size of your bra.
  • To get the cut size of your breasts, measure the largest part of your chest. Then subtract the size of your rib cage. The difference will tell you which bra cup is best for you. A difference of one inch is a cut; a difference of two inches is a cut B, and so on.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidYour chest is poorly restrained by the cuts.

Is your chest not well supported? This means that the cup on your bra is too small, or that you have chosen the wrong style for your type of breast. For example, women with strong breasts should avoid half-bra and opt for a bra that completely covers their breasts,  giving a more harmonious look under clothing. When trying on a bra, take a few moments to observe how it falls on your body. If you notice that the cup bra causes a crease on your breast, take a larger cut, or try a bra of a different style.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidThe elastic band of your bra is not parallel to the floor

If the band of your bra tends to rise towards your shoulders, it is very likely that the size is too big and that it does not provide you an adequate support. Opt for a smaller size, otherwise, your bra could cause pain in your shoulders and back.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidThe frame of your bra tightens you

This indicates that the cups of your bra are too small. The frame of your bra should start behind the demarcation of your breasts. As such, experts report that most women use a band that is too big and cuts too small.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidChoosing a bra without fasteners

If you have a strong chest, unattached bonnets offer very little support. Opt for a stylish bra model made of a more rigid material than elastic.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidYou wear your bra for two consecutive days

If you do not need to wash your bra after each reach, the elastic band still needs a day to breathe. “When you wear a brassiere for two days, it energizes your bra and may not return to its original shape,” says Bobbie Smith, a bra specialist. Ms. Faraj suggests getting four or five bras. Beige or black bras for the office, a classy one with laces, and a quality sports bra. For the summer, Ms. Faraj recommends a convertible bra with ties. In closing, it is best to wash a bra after wearing it three times.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidYou put your bra in the dryer

The best way to wash your bra is to place it in a wash bag before putting it in the washing machine. However, never put it in the dryer, heat can damage the delicate band elastic.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidYou store your bras by placing a cup on the other

Never fold a bra in half by placing one cup on the other. Place your bra flat in your drawer, or vertically. If you have room in your closet, you can also hang them on small supports.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidYou wear a color that contrasts with a semi-transparent shirt

To avoid contrasts, prefer beige bras under white clothes, and black or navy under black clothes.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidYou keep your bras too long

When you have found the right bra, you will quickly see when one of your old bras begins to lose their elasticity and does not support you as well. Expect a bra to last for about a year, depending on your use and the number of bras you have.

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Dresses From Knitwear – Stylish And Comfortable

Knitwear – stylish convenience

For such a convenient invention as knitwear, we should be grateful to one modest master from Cambridge. At the end of the 16th century, William Lee (so his name) gave the world a knitting machine. Of course, it was just a simple prototype of the most complex knitting machines that are used today by knitwear manufacturers. And, although his inventor was an Englishman, the word “knitwear” has French roots – “tricoter” means “knit” in French. Probably, because it was the French who first fell in love with knitwear with all their heart and firmly put it on their lists of basic necessities.

Today knitwear is an integral part of any wardrobe not only of the French but of the inhabitants of the whole world. Modern fashion is inconceivable without it. Things from this material are also among fashionistas who prefer expensive dresses from knitwear and the girls are more modest, who wear simple clothes. It is not avoided by men or children, neither young nor elderly. Because, first of all, the jersey is very convenient.Dresses From Knitwear - Stylish And Comfortable

Knitwear and designers – love at first sight

Knitwear can be seen everywhere – and on fashion shows by the most eminent fashion designers, and at any branded clothing store.

Almost all famous designers have in their collections products made of knitwear. The famous Coco Chanel was very fond of working with this material. One of her favorites was jersey – jersey, which does not crumble.

And Eve-Saint-Laurent, who simply conquered women with his own styles of black knitted sweatshirts?

However, the designers of Missoni-Rosita and Ottavio, the brand “Haute Couture”, decided for the first time to make a collection of knitwear. And it was in the far 60s of the 20th century.

Since then, more than 50 years have passed, and fashion trends in women’s clothing are still inconceivable without dresses, sweaters, skirts, jackets, and cardigans from knitwear.

And yes, we will not forget to mention the wonderful inventor Sonya Rikel – it was she who first made collections of knitted goods with out-turned sutures. And it was that, 43 years ago – in 1974. For which we are very grateful, are not we? For example, even to think today is difficult, that in the wardrobe there were no things with inverted seams. It looks so stylish that it does not spoil either the image of a successful woman or the image of a teenage fashionista.

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What is a jersey?

At its core, knitwear is knitted material. It is knitted, not woven. Therefore, it is not even very correct to call knitwear a fabric. It is a material different from the fabric by the way it is made. Knitwear is knitted with loops, and the fabric is weaved, perpendicular to the twisting of the yarn. It is due to the fact that it is knitting, and not perpendicular interlacing – knitted fabric is elastic and so comfortable to wear.

We believe that it was because of the convenience that it became so popular all over the world.

Of course, the quality of knitwear is as different as the quality of any other fabric.

There is jersey, from which you can sew quality clothing, but sometimes, alas, no.

Therefore, before buying yourself a new brand of knitwear, it is better to trust the famous brands. Because in factories where they sew expensive women’s clothing or clothes of an average level of value, they necessarily control the purchase or even the production of fabrics and materials with which they work.Dresses From Knitwear - Stylish And Comfortable

How to wear knitwear

From knitwear sew anything today. In stores, you can buy an elegant cape knitwear, T-shirt and a simple and elegant knitted dress, shorts and unpretentious, and strict knit pants and sweatpants. The choice is great. Everyone understands how, where and with what to wear a T-shirt, shorts or trousers. But here’s the dress …

If you want to look elegant and noble in a knitted brand dress, you need to know a few rules.

So, how to wear knitted dresses:

  • Rule one. Since knitwear is the elastic material, it fits the figure very well. And then all its shortcomings become visible. To avoid this, you need to follow certain rules. Because it will be insulting if you bought an expensive knitted dress, but your inability to wear it, spoiled all the joy of owning such a thing. So, if your tight-fitting dress is a strict silhouette, then it should be worn so that the underwear is not allocated. Underwear, which crashes into your body, and from above hang overweight – this is the top of bad taste. Therefore, the first rule of the socks of an adjacent knitted dress is to do everything you can to ensure that the underwear does not stand out. For example, buy tightening underwear, put on pulling tights, buy underwear, which does not stand out.
  • The second rule, which follows from the first. Do not wear a tight, even very impressive, knitted dress, if you are not sure of the ideality of your figure. If this dress does not have a lining (lining hides flaws), if it is to you end-to-end (see point one).
  • The third rule, concerning a business knitted dress. It says: a business knitted dress should sit perfectly on you. It should not be screaming colors, but also strongly pastel should also be avoided. If you decide to buy a branded knitted dress in bright pink color, then please do not wear it for business negotiations. The same can be said about a stylish knitted dress made of thin, translucent knitwear. Otherwise, risk, be mistaken for a frivolous person, and not for a business partner.
  • Rule four. If you bought a stylish knitted dress, then you need to find the appropriate accessories. Because, believe me, elite knitted dresses are rather demanding for small things. Handbag, shoe jewelry or other jewelry must match both style and color and level. Otherwise, you run the risk that the money to buy such an elegant dress from jersey will be wasted – no one will see your chic, unless you “limit” it with the appropriate accessories.

Stylish dresses of the jersey – not necessarily business. The market has a huge number of wonderful women’s dresses made from knitwear of different styles. They will be relevant anywhere – in the theater, at the fashion show, at the bar, and at the library. Knitwear cannot be pretentious, it shrinks a little and it … can be worn with any footwear: with slippers, sneakers, sneakers, slip-on, espadrilles, ballet shoes, shoes, shoes. You need to know only one thing: the shoes should be in color either completely contrasting or darker than dresses for a few tones.

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If you do not already have a knitted dress in your wardrobe, be sure to buy it. It is so comfortable, cozy and yet a refined thing that you will never regret buying. This is a profitable investment of money in your style.

If ‘The Who’ Sold Shoes

One of the first high-profile musicians to wear a pair of Dr Marten boots was Pete Townshend of The Who. We’ve all heard of Dr Marten’s and they are undoubtedly one of the most iconic footwear symbols of the 20th century. From subculture to trusted workwear, the Dr Marten has seen a lot of action since its inception during the Second World War. Pete Townshend obviously loved his boots just like the rest of us have at some point growing up in the UK. What if he decided he loved them so much, he was going to open his own shoe shop? Here, we enter the world of ‘If The Who sold shoes’.

My Generation – Quite a few generations can claim Dr Marten’s as their own. Worn by punks, skinheads (in a rather negative period of their history), goths, emos, grunge, mods, rockers, hippies and almost every other generation of young people since the Second World War.

Amazing Journey – Once you’ve broken in your boots, you feel like walking for miles. The specially designed air cushion sole was trademark of Dr Marten long before other shoe manufacturers began doing something similar for comfort. The grip, support and comfort of these shoes or boots provides you with a kind of confidence to step out and take yourself on an amazing journey. 

Image credit

Early Morning Cold Taxi – You won’t want to be getting in a taxi or on a bus. Now you have a pair of reliable Dr Marten’s, you’ll want an excuse to walk everywhere!

Faith in Something Bigger – This is a brand you know you can trust. They have been in production in the UK since 1960 and have been the trusted footwear to police officers, soldiers, paramedics, nurses and other tough professions ever since. This is a brand that inspires confidence and top-quality footwear.

Had Enough – You will likely outgrow the colour or pattern before the boots even think about giving up the ghost. These things are tough, durable, hard-wearing and almost immortal – such is their build-quality. You can put these boots through almost anything and they will never let you down. To get  your hands on a pair of DR Martens Gloucester, visit

Glittering Girl – Dr Marten’s don’t just come in cherry red or black, there are all kinds of colours, patterns, designs and even materials. Whether you fancy a flowery pair, a patriotic Union Jack pair or some white, lace-trimmed bridal boots – there’s a colour, style and pattern for everyone.

The Punk and The Godfather – Dr Marten’s have the ability to cross boundaries of culture and time. They have appealed to so many different groups of people and continue to do so in a truly timeless way that not many other shoes can boast. Whether worn by a bobby on the beat, an accountant walking to the office, a punk rocker or indeed a mafia mobster – there’s a Dr Marten shoe to suit everyone.

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This year’s biggest engagement ring trends

As spring turns to summer, the season of love is upon us. Whether you are awaiting the big question or gearing yourself up to ask it, you may – forgivably – be agonising over the perfect ring to mark the moment. With so many gorgeous engagement bands out there, you may be tempted to shower your loved one in gold rather that choosing that one perfect item; however, tradition permits just one ring for the commitment. The last thing you need to distract you from your eternal promise this summer is a consumer dilemma, so here is a guide to bagging a timeless ring that hits today’s trends.

Image Credit

Open hearts, open rings

Open rings are a highly popular option. They are characterised by a gap in the middle, flashing a hint of delicate finger framed between two stones or perhaps a golden detail. These rings have a minimalist feel and are perfectly suited to the understated beauty of your bride to be. According to the fashion experts at, open rings are amongst the most sought-after looks this year.

Make her blush with rose gold

The hot trend for this unique pinkish precious metal is certainly a lasting one. The gentle feminine spin on a classic engagement band material is versatile in that it can be matched with all other trends. Why not try a diamond eternity band in rose gold for an instant classic?

Image Credit

Bring in the rainbow with a coloured stone

Another play on the classic diamond ring, coloured stones are all the rage this summer. Match your colour to your lover’s eyes and make this ring as unique as your future spouse.

Endless bling: the diamond eternity band

Diamonds are forever and ever, but these rings are a la mode. These continuous rings bejewel the entire circumference of the third finger, emitting an undying glow. A diamond engagement ring from a specialist such as reflects light at all angles, resulting in an all-over shine.

Be the one with a unique rock setting

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a massive shining rock, but nothing sets ‘you are the one’ in stone like a unique constellation of precious stone in precious metal. It is now possible to obtain a perfectly unique setting of a stone in an engagement band, so there is nothing holding you back.