You Wave Of Long Coats, Did You Have Yours?

With these temperatures which makes you want to take to the streets is the blanket robe before any shelter, however long it may be. We will have to wait for Mos chino up this garment to the gateway;know that day will come, and not so far away. Until then playing dress warmly and cover down. The cold wave leaves us no fashion wave, this time from long coats. Continue reading →

The Kurti Most Versatile Attire With Comfort and Style

The Kurti, the smaller version of Salwar Kameez that can be teamed up with leggings or Churidar.This attire is very much in demand, as it is being considered as one of the versatile wear amongst all. Because Kurtis can be worn for any purposes like, you can wear it during your office hours and these days, corporate world considers Kurtis as one of the professional wear. Also, you wear Kurtis in any functions, like carrying party wear are very much demanding. Continue reading →

Why women love indulging in lingerie shopping?

Lingerie is that piece of apparel that every female loves indulging in and at the same time are equally fussy of. Online stores stock a wide array of styles to select from. Here sizes can be found easily, designs are better and fabrics too are available in plenty. Not all female is blessed with right proportions which can be easily clothed with. Lingerie is one product that the female gender can really go insane over, often they cannot find their size, the size of the cup is wrong and so on. Thanks to the online stores that are helping women in choosing the right size. Unlike yesteryears, ladies today are too busy due to their work schedule and for those very busy hours indeed it is difficult in stealing some time for lingerie shopping. Firstly, no women desires to step out to purchase just a bra/panty set. Secondly, most women do not feel at ease with the traditional system of lingerie shopping, particularly teenagers. Keeping these factors in mind, online shops have emerged. Rather than feeling hesitant to tell the salesperson in showing the different styles of lingerie, they can now choose the style and brand they wish devoid of having to roam here and there. Continue reading →

Top 5 Hat Etiquette Tips For Fashionistas

Wearing hats is a great way to make a unique fashion statement. Hats come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs to appropriately compliment your outfit. Hats are a fun way to accessorize what you’re wearing in coordination with jewelry and other pieces. In addition, hats also serve practical purposes and can protect you in the rain, shade you from the strong rays of the sun, or even keep you head and ears warm on a chilly, windy winter day. While hats are great, if you are going to wear them, you need to know how to do so properly and respectfully. Here are the top 5 hat etiquette tips for fashionistas. Continue reading →

Zara “falls” Chloé sandals

Months of circling an idea, find the model that later clients want for their exclusivity in design and in the end why? This originality eventually become a thousandfold when he gets a massive undertaking and decides “to endorse” the proposal of others. A Chloé you are going to copy both spring-summer 2015 collection will be everywhere, starting with Zara already “fallen in love” for Roman sandals. Continue reading →

Milan Fashion Week A Mix Of Colors, Sensuality And Exotic Inspirations

The Milan Fashion Week is more full of styles than ever, with very different collections. Protagonists of the fifth day: MSGM, Trussardi and Missoni, who paid tribute to Frida Kahlo.

The fifth day of Milan Fashion Week presented itself full of fashion shows, launches new collections and events. Continue reading →