2017 Campaign Galliano

2017 Campaign Galliano
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A luxury campaign with a Cadillac as a stage? Yes, as you read and as you see. The new campaign of Galliano has been made completely next to a convertible Cadillac of light blue color. The models pose in him, supported, elegant and very sexy to show the new spring proposals of this firm as sophisticated.

A trip to Las Vegas where models Benjamin Eidem and Constance Jablonski look radiant with dresses, checkered suits and fashion accessories of glamorous.

2017 Campaign Galliano

Responsible for translating these original photographs of Galliano, in a very funny scene but which nevertheless remains sophistication to the campaign has been the photographer Sebastian Kim. With great success manages to catch the looks of rebellion and brazenness, as well as the tranquility of going towards a great trip, of the two models. And who would not want to take a trip in Cadillac on the US Route 66 highways?

2017 Campaign Galliano

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A trip in which it is necessary to have all the clothes more suitable for each moment and occasion. A sixties style, as you can see in the first image, with animal print dresses and suits the classic style. But also a more rock and cowboy, stylish leather jackets and sexy dresses, as well as straw hats and shirts fun prints. All Galliano clothing for spring 2017 nothing happens unnoticed, whether his blazer python skin or short sleeve shirts optical prints.

2017 Campaign Galliano

But the most curious thing to note is that Galliano has not participated in this collection. For those who doubted if this fantastic campaign had been designed by the controversial dressmaker, it must be said that it has not been so.



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