A New Must-Have For Summer 2015 The Return Bermuda

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Suitable for all occasions and for all just choose the right ones and find the perfect match

Comfortable and practical to wear in your free time with socks and loafers for preppy style, reminiscent of the uniforms of the American college of the ’70s, and maybe for a drink at the beach combined with ultra flat sandals. The bermuda, so beloved in the 90s, they come back into fashion for the summer.

A new must-have for summer 2015 the return bermuda

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Fashion In an increasingly free and unisex fashion, the shorts that in a few episodes of Beverly Hills have replaced the legendary Levi’s 501, are no longer an item of clothing for men only but women style casual sporty chic. Indeed it is the masculine style that fashion dictates play. Bermuda that do not exceed the knee, such as blacks or colored yellow sunflower proposed by Acne Studios, and a shirt or a blazer stolen from the male wardrobe: and you’re done for a perfect man-like mood!Fashion

For those who do not want to dare too with shorts, another must-have summer 2015, and head difficult to wear unless you are super fit, there is, therefore, a viable alternative. Knee-length and the leg are characterized by soft camouflage prints, floral, west style, denim fabrics and patterns striped or patterned, from life more or less high.

The designers have indulged and have proposed all kinds. Collegial style in multi-patterned version of Ella Catliff offering bermuda black & white shirt paired with a schoolgirl and a silk bow, perfectly knotted, pijama model of Dolce & Gabbana print bars, for a comfortable pajamas effect; inspiration of tribal Tory Burch that adds fringes, this year unchallenged beauty, the classic version proposed by Balenciaga, who has opted for black at the top and ivory on the thigh, and Gucci with his bermuda cut slightly shorter and total white.

A new must-have for summer 2015 the return bermuda

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Even the low cost fashion them once again in different versions. They just can not miss even on bermuda floral prints such as those proposed by Forever 21 : the designer was inspired by an exotic island. H & M prefers the version in linen, summer and elegant or ethnic origin, with decorations of beads applied to the sides.Fashion

For matching do not worry: for the most glamorous sports and a crop top or maybe a t-shirt and a pair of loafers; for those who strives on elegance just match the pants a blazer, maybe a tonal. If you want to avoid the schoolgirl, choose the long versions to the knee and avoid those just below mid-thigh.

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