Camel Skirt + Black Jacket

Camel Skirt + Black Jacket
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Hello girls! How’s the week? It is getting less for the weekend and I like that, I need to rest and walk quietly through a park on a sunny day! Sound good right?

So it was the day that I took the photos with this look, one certainly that despite being very ‘lady’ is comfortable. I wore a pleated skirt of high waist in light camel, black shirt combined in leather, and a jacket, which is one of my favorites, and that you already know from last year. Of footwear I put on my favorite loafers, that although I love them, I’ll have to leave them for warmer seasons because with this cold my feet are frozen. I do not know how there are girls who go in salons without stockings or anything, I freeze nothing else see them!Camel Skirt + Black Jacket

Camel Skirt + Black Jacket

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