Campers Boots, Do You Already Have Yours?

Campers Boots, Do You Already Have Yours?
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Do you hate or love the boots of the campers? Years ago I was horrified but now it seems to me that I would put them on with everything! When you do not know what to wear, they almost always stick!

I have some basics that take me out of trouble and although I did not think to buy any more, suddenly this week Stradivarius has touched my senses … Do not you think they are ideal? I think the touch of glitter is what has made me fall in love with them!

In addition, I’ve signed booties a bit more relaxed, suitable for all kinds of looks, like those of black Stradivarius with golden detail on the heel!

In short, the folk spirit has me and over now it is super trend and facing the next spring, even more!Campers Boots

Campers Boots






Campers Boots

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