Winter Boots, A Must!

Winter Boots

Winter Boots? We bring you a research of winter boots! I do not know what time it will be in Spain but in London you do not know how cold! And it’s still summer!!! I do not know if I’ll survive the harsh winter! So I have advanced the work and I have started to investigate the winter boots that are already available in stores! Continue reading →

Wear A Monkey At Your Next Wedding! Tips And Advice


¬†Wedding? The use of monkeys or jumpsuits is a trend that we have been observing for quite some time, but until now only the most daring ones put them at weddings. The fact is that this summer I have already seen several pretty guest looks at the weddings I’ve been to and also several of you in the mails that you sent us and with what I like this garment … I’ve finally cheered up and I bought a coral-colored monkey for the wedding I have this weekend. What a desire to release it! Continue reading →

Coach Bags Triumph Among The Famous

Coach Bags

Coach Bags? Coach bags are fashionable among celebrities. Do you know the brand? I met her on my first trip to New York and in my second. last summer, I had the pleasure of attending an event that was held on the occasion of Fashion Week! I was in the archives of the brand. Where Coach had a brand of each and every one of the models that have been released for sale throughout its history. A super experience! Continue reading →