Sunny Sunday, Lady Look

Hi girls!! How are you?? How is the week going? It seems that the polar cold begins to leave us, and I’m hoping, just to think that I take off my coat and boots I draw a smile in the mouth, and that’s what happened to me last Sunday, which made a very good temperature, and I took off my coat fat, and finally, I released this Uterqüe blazer that gave me for my birthday, which the truth holds more than I thought, but not to wear at 8 o’clock. Continue reading →

Booties With Socks

Hi girls!! How are you??? well today I come a little angry because as I told you on Saturday I celebrated my 30 years and wanted to show you my birthday look, but with the nerves of the organization I forgot to take pictures, I’ll fail !!! And well these are from days before … but well I promise to show you my look and all the gifts that have made me…. yes, yes a lot of clothes, so they will go through all the rags by the blog. Continue reading →

10 Short Wedding Dresses

Today we bring you a very special selection of 10 short wedding dresses, all located in Asos and suitable for all wedding guests in this summer 2014. If what you have is a wedding day or night, or what you are looking for is a dress in neutral or striking colors this is your selection! Because there are for all tastes and needs, all they have in common is that they are all above the knee. Continue reading →