The Return Of Hazel Shoes

Hazel owes a lot to this pair of shoes. In my case they were the letter of introduction of this brand and they became very special shoes. Patricia Conde and other famous ones used them in innumerable occasions and little by little they were becoming popular through forums, blogs … First were the hazelnut, the chocolate and the black ones. In the second round they changed the hazelnut for the cinnamon, a darker but quite similar tone. Continue reading →

Duel Of Pockets

They are two of the celebrities of the moment and everything they touch becomes the next day in trend. Both Olivia Palermo and Sienna Miller have proposed to amortize their complements and do not hesitate to repeat bag over and over again. And they have not left a single day at home for months: to go shopping, go to an event or even walk their dog. Continue reading →

Uterqüe, what great clones

The new fall season is on the way to become the most clones we have found. I have already lost count of how many bags, dresses, and shoes … we have hunted. Now it’s Uterqüe’s turn, which is usually quite discreet when it comes to cloning, but when it does, it does. Of the wonderful new collection, we have fichados three clones of maximum quality.  Continue reading →

Fur Coat Yes Or No?

When I was little I was horrified and looked at my mother with “Why do you wear that?” Every time I saw her in her fur / synthetic jacket (at those ages one does not distinguish) and now every time I see someone with One of them I put it … I like or I do not like ?, the girl was so cute that I loved everything together ?, will I look like a bear? … Continue reading →

Celebrities Choose Gray

It has always been said that if you doubted when choosing the color of a bag, it was best to opt for the black. But now that’s been several months since I have the Bow Satchel of Miu Miu, I think the gray is the new black .Advantages: it is a color for winter and summer, it strikes with everything and it draws attention because it is not yet seen too much. Continue reading →