What To Wear With A Classic Beige Trench Coat?

The first model of the beige trench coat was created specifically for the military, the soldiers of the first world. Both women and men should thank the founder of the fashion house Burberry for this versatile clothing. Classic trench coats, which the brand produces to this day, are made of thick, water-resistant gabardine, and have characteristic design features: double-breasted style, slightly fitted cut, slot for easy movement, a yoke on the back and chest that protects from the wind, shoulder straps , roomy pockets, belt with a buckle. Continue reading →

How To Hide Broad Shoulders With Clothes?

Broad shoulders are not at all an obvious disadvantage, which is worth being embarrassed. This trait speaks of physical strength, which in combination with narrow hips emphasizes excellent fitness. Such proportions are usually found in professional athletes involved in swimming, volleyball, and weightlifting. But if in the gym you can, without hiding, be proud and don’t hide broad shoulders, then in a romantic setting even athletic girls want to look more feminine. Continue reading →

Cargo Pants In Women’s Wardrobe

Beautiful but practical clothes are gradually replacing extremely short dresses and high heels from fashionable catwalks. Today, in the trend, sneakers, shirts and cargo pants, which designers refer to the military style? What to wear with these women’s pants? What shoes to choose from? Now we will tell about all this in more detail! Continue reading →

A Few Tips For Choosing A Woman’s Skirt

For many centuries and up to our time, a woman’s skirt was considered a symbol of femininity. At times, the skirt changed, meeting the requirements of fashion corresponding to its time. The skirts in the women’s wardrobe are very different, they are of different lengths and styles of all kinds of colors and from a variety of fabrics. A woman’s skirt is universal, it can always look good in any case, be it a party, a celebration or an everyday life. Continue reading →

Councils for the Choice of Polo Shirt.

For a long time and firmly took its position in the men’s wardrobe male polo shirt. The appearance of a man’s polo shirt is due to the British, who brought the original model of this shirt from India to England. Many years passed, the polo shirt changed its style many times and looked until it reached our time and found its real style, which we are accustomed to seeing. Continue reading →

Mou Boots: The Coat for Your Feet

For the start of the cold season, the Mou Boots are the coat for your feet. And in your store to buy clothes online brand.com we will tell you how many types of this seasonal footwear there are and how to take care of them. Get stylish with these boots that look with all your fall/winter outfits. Continue reading so you can choose the one that best suits your style. Continue reading →

Office Style for the Women

Stylish clothing for the office, which corresponds to fashion and dress code – a myth or reality? Today, we forever debunk the stereotype that the office style wardrobe is necessarily a boring outfit in gray tones. Corporate rules regarding the appearance over the past ten years have become less stringent. This allowed women to wear classic trouser suits, and free-style dresses, denim shirts, bright blouses. If you work in a company where there is no clearly defined dress code, listen to our tips for creating a spectacular office style. Continue reading →

Fashionable Manicure In The Wild

What woman does not dream of beautiful and well-groomed hands? The beauty of the hands does not depend on the shape of the fingers or on the size. Most often when meeting in the eye rushes a neat form of nails, cleanliness, and softness of the hands. Not all girls have time to go to the master of the manicure. However, today you can make a beautiful manicure with an interesting design and at home. Continue reading →

So Much Hair Everywhere!

Every day all over the world, millions of people walk through the doors of a barber shop or a beauty salon in search of a talented hair design artist who can help them achieve their desired look. These artists have been trained and sculpted through hair design schools, such as the Academy of Hair Design located in Springfield, Missouri or Austin, Texas. At these academies, students are guided by licensed cosmetologists and successful barbers who will teach the fundamentals of gaining clients and creating a business name for themselves.

What Can Students Gain at an Academy

  • Successful business tactics
  • Quality support system
  • Understanding how to create and maintain a client base

With the Academy of Hair Design, the staff is constantly there to support and extend their knowledge to the willing individuals who are entering the hair design industry. Students gain a complete understanding of how to accomplish gaining a client base and how to maintain that base for a successful salon or shop. The teachers all understand that without a satisfied, repeat business clientele, the hair design artist will not be successful, regardless of the technical skill. The trainers have all been in the industry for many years and are trained in a multiple of areas, which gives the training students a real life hair experience to learn from!

Academy’s History of Design

During the year 1995, three talented entrepreneurs found that they could not keep enough talented artists in their salon chain and knew that things needed to change. Eventually, with all their knowledge put together, the Academy was created to shape new and upcoming artists into business minded individuals who could successfully enter the hair design world. With different locations today, students have the opportunity to gain the insight into running their own successful salon or barber shop and how to create a personal brand name for themselves.

Learning Model

  • Teachers with hands on, industry experience
  • Not only focused on hair design but also building personal brands
  • Business base model

Gainful Employment

After spending the time to learn the valuable do’s and don’ts of the hair industry, students have a high chance of gainful employment immediately upon course completion. The teacher’s main goal is to create success driven hair design artists who can enter the field with a complete understanding and passion to attract a happy client base for themselves and the salon or shop!