What To Wear Female Espadrilles In The Summer?

Espadrilles are shoes of Spanish origin. Once they were used by poor peasants, weaving a sole of a special kind of dried grass and sewing pieces of flax and canvas to it. Over time, these light, breathable summer shoes on a flat sole, which sprung and easily took the form of the foot, attracted the famous designer Yves Saint Laurent. The couturier provided women’s espadrilles with platforms and tankettes, decorated them with pretty ribbons that fastened ankle-length, instilling a love for simple high-end ladies shoes from high society and ordinary girls. Continue reading →

Baby Dollar Dresses in Women’s Wardrobe

Femininity, innocent flirtatiousness and the charm of youth are the main features of the style called baby dollars or “doll”. The main element of the girl’s wardrobe dressing style was a sweet, short dress that reveals slender legs and arms and emphasizes a delicate girl figure, open but not decorated, without the slightest hint of vulgarity or erotica. For the first time, baby dress dresses appeared in America at the end of the 50s, after the release of the film “Doll”. The main character of the ribbon was dressed in an elegant short dressing gown and became the embodiment of cute innocence, triggering a real boom in the fashion industry. Let’s see what the baby dollar dress looks like, and what, how and who should wear it? Continue reading →

4 ways to wear stripes this spring

The cold weather will soon be over, paving the way for warmer climes and that all important spring wardrobe. So, how ready are you to transition into next season? One way in which you can prepare ahead of time is to pick out a few key pieces that will help you take your wardrobe all the way to summer. Stripes are perfect for adding a pick me up to any outfit, especially as the sun comes out. So, why not try a few of these to add a new lease of life to your look this spring. Continue reading →

What To Wear With A Classic Beige Trench Coat?

The first model of the beige trench coat was created specifically for the military, the soldiers of the first world. Both women and men should thank the founder of the fashion house Burberry for this versatile clothing. Classic trench coats, which the brand produces to this day, are made of thick, water-resistant gabardine, and have characteristic design features: double-breasted style, slightly fitted cut, slot for easy movement, a yoke on the back and chest that protects from the wind, shoulder straps , roomy pockets, belt with a buckle. Continue reading →

How To Hide Broad Shoulders With Clothes?

Broad shoulders are not at all an obvious disadvantage, which is worth being embarrassed. This trait speaks of physical strength, which in combination with narrow hips emphasizes excellent fitness. Such proportions are usually found in professional athletes involved in swimming, volleyball, and weightlifting. But if in the gym you can, without hiding, be proud and don’t hide broad shoulders, then in a romantic setting even athletic girls want to look more feminine. Continue reading →

Cargo Pants In Women’s Wardrobe

Beautiful but practical clothes are gradually replacing extremely short dresses and high heels from fashionable catwalks. Today, in the trend, sneakers, shirts and cargo pants, which designers refer to the military style? What to wear with these women’s pants? What shoes to choose from? Now we will tell about all this in more detail! Continue reading →

A Few Tips For Choosing A Woman’s Skirt

For many centuries and up to our time, a woman’s skirt was considered a symbol of femininity. At times, the skirt changed, meeting the requirements of fashion corresponding to its time. The skirts in the women’s wardrobe are very different, they are of different lengths and styles of all kinds of colors and from a variety of fabrics. A woman’s skirt is universal, it can always look good in any case, be it a party, a celebration or an everyday life. Continue reading →

Councils for the Choice of Polo Shirt.

For a long time and firmly took its position in the men’s wardrobe male polo shirt. The appearance of a man’s polo shirt is due to the British, who brought the original model of this shirt from India to England. Many years passed, the polo shirt changed its style many times and looked until it reached our time and found its real style, which we are accustomed to seeing. Continue reading →

Mou Boots: The Coat for Your Feet

For the start of the cold season, the Mou Boots are the coat for your feet. And in your store to buy clothes online brand.com we will tell you how many types of this seasonal footwear there are and how to take care of them. Get stylish with these boots that look with all your fall/winter outfits. Continue reading so you can choose the one that best suits your style. Continue reading →