Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To Avoid

The most common mistakes when it comes to choosing a bra.

Choosing a bra too small

Avoid this mistake by choosing a bra at the time of purchase and make sure this bra is sufficiently adjustable. When your bra gets older and the elastic bands stretch, you’ll be able to tighten it by adjusting it further. Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To Avoid

You have not taken your measurements since moons.

The size of your bra varies from year to year depending on various factors: changing your weight, firmness of your muscles, following a pregnancy and with age. If you can, have your measurements taken in the shop, expert in bra from Beacon, New York.

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If you cannot get your measurements, use the following basic formula:

  • Measure the size of your chest by placing a tape measure under your breasts, starting from your back and around your ribcage. If you get an odd number, round it up to get the next even number. This number will tell you the size of your bra.
  • To get the cut size of your breasts, measure the largest part of your chest. Then subtract the size of your rib cage. The difference will tell you which bra cup is best for you. A difference of one inch is a cut; a difference of two inches is a cut B, and so on.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidYour chest is poorly restrained by the cuts.

Is your chest not well supported? This means that the cup on your bra is too small, or that you have chosen the wrong style for your type of breast. For example, women with strong breasts should avoid half-bra and opt for a bra that completely covers their breasts,  giving a more harmonious look under clothing. When trying on a bra, take a few moments to observe how it falls on your body. If you notice that the cup bra causes a crease on your breast, take a larger cut, or try a bra of a different style.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidThe elastic band of your bra is not parallel to the floor

If the band of your bra tends to rise towards your shoulders, it is very likely that the size is too big and that it does not provide you an adequate support. Opt for a smaller size, otherwise, your bra could cause pain in your shoulders and back.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidThe frame of your bra tightens you

This indicates that the cups of your bra are too small. The frame of your bra should start behind the demarcation of your breasts. As such, experts report that most women use a band that is too big and cuts too small.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidChoosing a bra without fasteners

If you have a strong chest, unattached bonnets offer very little support. Opt for a stylish bra model made of a more rigid material than elastic.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidYou wear your bra for two consecutive days

If you do not need to wash your bra after each reach, the elastic band still needs a day to breathe. “When you wear a brassiere for two days, it energizes your bra and may not return to its original shape,” says Bobbie Smith, a bra specialist. Ms. Faraj suggests getting four or five bras. Beige or black bras for the office, a classy one with laces, and a quality sports bra. For the summer, Ms. Faraj recommends a convertible bra with ties. In closing, it is best to wash a bra after wearing it three times.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidYou put your bra in the dryer

The best way to wash your bra is to place it in a wash bag before putting it in the washing machine. However, never put it in the dryer, heat can damage the delicate band elastic.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidYou store your bras by placing a cup on the other

Never fold a bra in half by placing one cup on the other. Place your bra flat in your drawer, or vertically. If you have room in your closet, you can also hang them on small supports.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidYou wear a color that contrasts with a semi-transparent shirt

To avoid contrasts, prefer beige bras under white clothes, and black or navy under black clothes.

Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To AvoidYou keep your bras too long

When you have found the right bra, you will quickly see when one of your old bras begins to lose their elasticity and does not support you as well. Expect a bra to last for about a year, depending on your use and the number of bras you have.

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