Tips for choosing Prada shoes

Functionality and comfort are crucial aspects that affect the choice of shoes for both men and women.

People in different age groups and from all walks of life look for the best Prada shoes that will serve their needs.  But finding the right pair of Prada footwear may be somewhat challenging as you may be spoilt for choices. Continue reading →

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How Perfume Makes or Breaks Your Fashion Statement

When we get dressed, there is always an image we want to send out; even if this process is completely subconscious. A day in pyjamas and our favourite jumper will always be a day of rest, whereas that important meeting at work might be cause to dig your favourite killer heels out from your closet. In these times, it is imperative that you choose the right scent too. Here is why the perfume you wear could make or break the statement you are attempting to make with your fashion choices.

The Image

As said above, every outfit projects a certain image. We create these projections to give the world an indication of the way we want to be taken. If you are wearing a sharp business suit with a slick of red lipstick, you want to be taken seriously and you even want to possibly come across as slightly intimidating. A light, sweet floral scent is not the right choice for a fragrance with this combination. It would in face undermine it completely and leave people confused.

Here comes this powerful-looking woman who looks like she knows what she is doing, yet she smells like a flowery meadow. The two images do not correspond, and it can lead to some doubts about your style.

Management of the Situation

People like other people who smell nice, that is a fact. If you are needing a situation to swing in your way, the scent you choose could help you along. Just as people choose to wear their lucky pants, or take along their favourite bag for a confidence boost, the right perfume can serve as the medium you need to give yourself a little leg up.

The right perfume can also help you manage other people. Whether it is someone complimenting your scent, or a flirty remark from someone attracted to it, remember who responds positively and who responds negatively. It might help you gain the upper-footing in a crucial situation.

How to Get It Right

Even if you do not want to invest in multiple perfumes for different situations, you can still find the perfect middle ground. Shop around and buy now if you are searching for a signature scent that will take you to new heights. Do you want to be positive and bubbly? Consider something with notes of citrus. Dark and mysterious? A more musky, masculine scent might just be the thing for you.

You will most likely be instinctively drawn to a scent which matches your personality and your dress sense. Think carefully when buying to make sure you are not picking up something which sends out very mixed signals. You may be surprised how easy it is to narrow down your choices. You will then be left with a great selection to work through before you find exactly the right one.

Your perfect scent is waiting not just for you but waiting to match to your power outfit today. Start the hunt and get ready to step out with confidence!

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10 styles of shoes that are perfect for winter; not everything is reduced to boots and ankle boots

Since the winter season starts, most girls dust off their boots and wear them as their daily styles of shoes, but what about women who are not fans of them? Although you can believe that winter shoes look boring and are reduced only to boots and booties, there are several options that besides being super comfortable, also look great with any garment.

If you still do not know what the main shoe trends are for this season, here are some shoe ideas that you can use during these cold months to keep your feet warm and of course, achieve a very chic style.

10 styles of shoes that are perfect for winter

  1. Thick heels

styles of shoes

They are the protagonists of this season, in addition to looking perfect with any garment, they are comfortable and the best thing is that you can combine them with socks to cover your feet from low temperatures. It is one of the best styles of shoes in not only this fall it always a style trend.

  1. Flatforms

styles of shoes

With oxford-type platforms, your feet will stay warm when temperatures drop, plus they will give you extra height and the comfort you need if you have to walk. Do not be afraid to use them with stockings or socks, because they look fantastic. This style of shoe goes with all the dress style of the fall.

  1. White tennis

styles of shoes

Tennis is the type of footwear that can be worn at any time of year and that goes well with any outfit. But if they are white you will have a plus because they highlight any garment.

  1. Spiky heels

styles of shoes

They are perfect for when you need to stylize your figure. Also combined with stockings or socks you will achieve an outfit worthy of a street style.

  1. Loafers

styles of shoes

If it ‘s comfort, shoe loafers from Gucci are perfect. They are an alternative to say goodbye to heels and tennis. Your model with a soft toy will keep your feet warm.

  1. Brogues

styles of shoes

This shoe model is perfect for elegant outfits.

  1. Cut-out shoes

styles of shoes

Although they look like boots, they are not. This shoe has been taken by street style goddesses and used in all kinds of looks.

  1. Moccasins

styles of shoes

They do not make you look masculine, so it’s time to adapt them to your look, we assure you that you will look beautiful and above all your feet will be comfortable and warm.

  1. Clogs

styles of shoes

This kind of closed sandals are quite comfortable – although it may not seem so – also your feet will be relatively covered.

  1. Slip-On

styles of shoes

These types of shoes are so comfortable, that anyone would love to cover their feet with them. Some of their models are very feminine and combine with any outfit, they can be used throughout the year.

To know more style, please visit the Style Tribune

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Your Questions Answered – Dr Martens

One of the UK’s most iconic footwear brands is Dr Martens. The company has a long and respected reputation for making incredibly robust, comfortable and practical footwear. If you’ve been considering investing in a pair, then here are some of your questions answered:

Can Dr Martens be resoled?

These shoes and boots are so resilient that it’s hard to see why you’d ever need them resoled. However, the footwear is moulded in one piece and would need to be returned to the factory for a new sole to be stitched on.

Where are they made in England?

The iconic footwear is manufactured in the Cobbs Lane factory in Wollaston, Northampton and have been since their beginnings in the UK in 1960. Some production is outsourced to factories elsewhere in the world, but the Wollaston factory is used to make the exclusive ‘Made in England’ line of boots.

Image credit

How do you wear Dr Martens boots?

The simple answer is easily! They are the most versatile footwear and can be worn by literally anyone with any styling. From police officers to punk rockers, the DM boot can be teamed up with any outfit or uniform. They are also timeless, with people styling them with formal suits, as well as jeans and t-shirts. There are lots of fashion blogs dedicated to how to dress your DMs where you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

What is the sizing like?

Sizing depends on the style you are seeking. It is always recommended that you try on footwear before you buy. If you find you’re between sizes, you can always try the shoe or boot with an insole. Visit to get fitted for your DR Martens Gloucester.

Are Doctor Martens waterproof?

The footwear brand is not 100% waterproof but are designed to withstand wet conditions up to a certain extent. You can increase the water resistance by applying a shoe oil. A balsam specially designed for Dr Martens containing coconut oil, beeswax and lanolin helps to protect the leather from salt, liquids and water. You can also use the balsam to polish your boots, keep them supple and prevent any leather-cracking.

Image credit

How long do Dr Martens last?

The shoes and boots of this brand are renowned for their durability, quality, craftsmanship and strength. Some wearers have claimed that they have been wearing their boots for two decades! With the right care and love, a pair of Dr Martens can last a lifetime.

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If ‘The Who’ Sold Shoes

One of the first high-profile musicians to wear a pair of Dr Marten boots was Pete Townshend of The Who. We’ve all heard of Dr Marten’s and they are undoubtedly one of the most iconic footwear symbols of the 20th century. From subculture to trusted workwear, the Dr Marten has seen a lot of action since its inception during the Second World War. Pete Townshend obviously loved his boots just like the rest of us have at some point growing up in the UK. What if he decided he loved them so much, he was going to open his own shoe shop? Here, we enter the world of ‘If The Who sold shoes’.

My Generation – Quite a few generations can claim Dr Marten’s as their own. Worn by punks, skinheads (in a rather negative period of their history), goths, emos, grunge, mods, rockers, hippies and almost every other generation of young people since the Second World War.

Amazing Journey – Once you’ve broken in your boots, you feel like walking for miles. The specially designed air cushion sole was trademark of Dr Marten long before other shoe manufacturers began doing something similar for comfort. The grip, support and comfort of these shoes or boots provides you with a kind of confidence to step out and take yourself on an amazing journey. 

Image credit

Early Morning Cold Taxi – You won’t want to be getting in a taxi or on a bus. Now you have a pair of reliable Dr Marten’s, you’ll want an excuse to walk everywhere!

Faith in Something Bigger – This is a brand you know you can trust. They have been in production in the UK since 1960 and have been the trusted footwear to police officers, soldiers, paramedics, nurses and other tough professions ever since. This is a brand that inspires confidence and top-quality footwear.

Had Enough – You will likely outgrow the colour or pattern before the boots even think about giving up the ghost. These things are tough, durable, hard-wearing and almost immortal – such is their build-quality. You can put these boots through almost anything and they will never let you down. To get  your hands on a pair of DR Martens Gloucester, visit

Glittering Girl – Dr Marten’s don’t just come in cherry red or black, there are all kinds of colours, patterns, designs and even materials. Whether you fancy a flowery pair, a patriotic Union Jack pair or some white, lace-trimmed bridal boots – there’s a colour, style and pattern for everyone.

The Punk and The Godfather – Dr Marten’s have the ability to cross boundaries of culture and time. They have appealed to so many different groups of people and continue to do so in a truly timeless way that not many other shoes can boast. Whether worn by a bobby on the beat, an accountant walking to the office, a punk rocker or indeed a mafia mobster – there’s a Dr Marten shoe to suit everyone.

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7 Photography Tips For Fashion Bloggers

The photograph is undoubtedly the main tool nowadays fashion bloggers. It is the way through which we let the world know our looks, and therefore we teach our vision of fashion and the way we live it. A fashion blog without good photographs loses a lot compared to one that does. and for that is this post.

As a fashion blogger and photographer, I am often struck by many photographs that I see in some blogs in which very simple and basic things are overlooked, and make the content lose quality. So here are a series of tips to improve your photographs and make your ego blogs more attractive to all your followers. Continue reading →

Is writing letter a lost art?

If we go back just 10 or 15 years, pen pals were rife and many people still chose to write letters to long-distance friends or relatives. We rarely see this now. Even a phone call is considered by a lot of young people to be a barely tolerable necessity rather than a convenient way of contacting a friend. Many schools held pen pal schemes with children from other countries, putting their pupils in contact with someone and writing them letters in each other’s languages. It all seems rather idyllic and almost vintage now that over a decade has passed since it was popular.

Image Credit

School pressure

This is not to say that nobody writes letters at all. Over one-quarter of children between the ages of 8 and 11 still take the time to write a letter; however, when they reach adolescence, life seems to take a faster pace and the art of letter writing seems to fade away. Could it be the pressures of school? In recent years there has been massive pressure on children to perform – especially at this age – in tests and exams. Writing letters could boost their reading and writing skills, but what use is this if they simply don’t have the time?

Social media

It goes without saying that social media plays a part in the equation. The point is that writing letters is slow; in fact, it is the slowest way of communicating (if the postal service has anything to do with it). Now that Twitter and Instagram are so ingrained into daily life, the thought of taking the time to write a letter barely crosses peoples’ minds.

Image Credit

Has letter writing been lost forever? Hopefully not. The recent trend in ‘vintage’ aesthetics could bring about a rise in popularity once again. There is even a national letter writing month and there are plenty of things we can do to make it easier to write. A padded lap tray from a stockist such as can make all the difference when it comes to comfort.

With any luck, we have not seen a complete loss of this beautifully personalised way of communicating with someone. If we take the pressure off children at school and bring back the ability to take time and be patient, we could one day see it making a comeback.

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The Seating Plan With Cards in the Wedding

The seating plan is one of the elements of “practical decoration” that are essential and would even say essential for a wedding. In the U.S.A, it is customary that the bride and groom assign guests to the tables and it is not an easy task. Once you have confirmed all those attending the wedding, it is up to you to decide which table and most importantly with which group of family or friends you will be accompanied. Continue reading →

Seven ways to give thoughtful gifts

When it comes to gift giving, the old cliché holds true because it really is the thought that counts. Here are seven ways you can give more thoughtful presents that the receiver will love and treasure.

Image Credit

Get personal

Any name can be added to products when you choose a customised, personalised gift. You can have the full name, a nickname or pet name engraved, etched, sewn or stamped, depending on the product, to make the gift unique.

Go beyond a name

Many products will have room for a slightly lengthier personalisation, so don’t feel limited to just a name. Small messages or a significant date can add a special touch to that perfect gift.

A range of gifting categories

A personalised gift shows you have put time, thought and effort into your present. There are lots of categories from which to choose, from trinkets, toys and jewellery to cushions, mugs, calendars and lap trays, which are available from stockists such as

Image Credit

Choosing something with the recipient in mind and personalising it increases the feeling of the recipient being understood, which research shows results in more gratefulness in long-term relationships.

A practical solution

For small children, having name tags on items, such as a coat or lunchbox, aids the ability for them to find their belongings. This can help to foster a sense of independence while being a practical solution to ensure possessions aren’t lost, misplaced or mixed up. Engraving is especially beneficial here, as it won’t fade or chip away. This makes it a versatile solution for even the most played-with toys.

Gifting for young children

At an earlier age, personalised possessions and toys can help a child to identify letters, sounds and the written form of their own name, helping them to become more familiar with it and learning its spelling more quickly.

Give an experience

An experience can be a priceless and thoughtful alternative to a physical gift. These are the gifts that create memories to last a lifetime, whether a ride in a hot air balloon, a trip to the zoo, or a show at the theatre.

A gift that keeps on giving

Make the joy of receiving gifts last longer and build the anticipation with a subscription gift, such as media streaming, a magazine, wine, or a monthly beauty box.

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Zonamaco – Premio 1800 Tequila Collection

Zonamaco, one of the most important design events, has just celebrated its 2018 edition, a multidisciplinary event that brings together diverse artistic and expression forms; and in this context, the XV anniversary of Zonamaco  1800 tequila presented the Premio.Premio 1800 tequila Collection of artists Noé Martínez, Matías Goeritz, Minerva Cuevas and Julio Le Parc.

The delivery of this award was an exhaustive and meticulous search of all the Zonamaco galleries to find the best works.

1800 Tequila Collection Award Zonamaco - Primo 1800 Tequila Collection

Minerva Cuevas (Kurimanzutto Gallery): Recipient of the 1800 Tequila Award Collection of 36 thousand dollars for the work “What Happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?”, Made from carrots, as the main food in Mexican culture, working about the orange pigment and the current impact of the concept of feeding of all human beings.

Matías Goeritz Galería (Caja Negra): Winner of the 1800 Tequila Collection for 22 thousand dollars, for 4 drawings on vegetal paper, based on the absence of a window as a visual element but also spatial, placing the narrative and sculptural details.

Julio Leparc (RGR Gallery): He received the 1800 Tequila 1800 Collection Award for the work “Mobile Bleu Translucide”, a clear example of the displacement of object elements that make up a kinetic sculpture, which generates displacements, sounds, color and they turn into a sculpture in movement.

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Noé Martínez (Park Gallery): He won with two of his works the 1800 Tequila Collection Prize, for 12 thousand and 5 thousand dollars respectively, with Brief relation of the Panuco, of the series Mollera, with which he seeks to translate in a visual way the abstract language that, for example, members of his family like the grandmother, have used for many years as a tradition and that is currently being lost.