The Seating Plan With Cards in the Wedding

The seating plan is one of the elements of “practical decoration” that are essential and would even say essential for a wedding. In the U.S.A, it is customary that the bride and groom assign guests to the tables and it is not an easy task. Once you have confirmed all those attending the wedding, it is up to you to decide which table and most importantly with which group of family or friends you will be accompanied. Continue reading →

Seven ways to give thoughtful gifts

When it comes to gift giving, the old cliché holds true because it really is the thought that counts. Here are seven ways you can give more thoughtful presents that the receiver will love and treasure.

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Get personal

Any name can be added to products when you choose a customised, personalised gift. You can have the full name, a nickname or pet name engraved, etched, sewn or stamped, depending on the product, to make the gift unique.

Go beyond a name

Many products will have room for a slightly lengthier personalisation, so don’t feel limited to just a name. Small messages or a significant date can add a special touch to that perfect gift.

A range of gifting categories

A personalised gift shows you have put time, thought and effort into your present. There are lots of categories from which to choose, from trinkets, toys and jewellery to cushions, mugs, calendars and lap trays, which are available from stockists such as

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Choosing something with the recipient in mind and personalising it increases the feeling of the recipient being understood, which research shows results in more gratefulness in long-term relationships.

A practical solution

For small children, having name tags on items, such as a coat or lunchbox, aids the ability for them to find their belongings. This can help to foster a sense of independence while being a practical solution to ensure possessions aren’t lost, misplaced or mixed up. Engraving is especially beneficial here, as it won’t fade or chip away. This makes it a versatile solution for even the most played-with toys.

Gifting for young children

At an earlier age, personalised possessions and toys can help a child to identify letters, sounds and the written form of their own name, helping them to become more familiar with it and learning its spelling more quickly.

Give an experience

An experience can be a priceless and thoughtful alternative to a physical gift. These are the gifts that create memories to last a lifetime, whether a ride in a hot air balloon, a trip to the zoo, or a show at the theatre.

A gift that keeps on giving

Make the joy of receiving gifts last longer and build the anticipation with a subscription gift, such as media streaming, a magazine, wine, or a monthly beauty box.

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Zonamaco – Premio 1800 Tequila Collection

Zonamaco, one of the most important design events, has just celebrated its 2018 edition, a multidisciplinary event that brings together diverse artistic and expression forms; and in this context, the XV anniversary of Zonamaco  1800 tequila presented the Premio.Premio 1800 tequila Collection of artists Noé Martínez, Matías Goeritz, Minerva Cuevas and Julio Le Parc.

The delivery of this award was an exhaustive and meticulous search of all the Zonamaco galleries to find the best works.

1800 Tequila Collection Award Zonamaco - Primo 1800 Tequila Collection

Minerva Cuevas (Kurimanzutto Gallery): Recipient of the 1800 Tequila Award Collection of 36 thousand dollars for the work “What Happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?”, Made from carrots, as the main food in Mexican culture, working about the orange pigment and the current impact of the concept of feeding of all human beings.

Matías Goeritz Galería (Caja Negra): Winner of the 1800 Tequila Collection for 22 thousand dollars, for 4 drawings on vegetal paper, based on the absence of a window as a visual element but also spatial, placing the narrative and sculptural details.

Julio Leparc (RGR Gallery): He received the 1800 Tequila 1800 Collection Award for the work “Mobile Bleu Translucide”, a clear example of the displacement of object elements that make up a kinetic sculpture, which generates displacements, sounds, color and they turn into a sculpture in movement.

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Noé Martínez (Park Gallery): He won with two of his works the 1800 Tequila Collection Prize, for 12 thousand and 5 thousand dollars respectively, with Brief relation of the Panuco, of the series Mollera, with which he seeks to translate in a visual way the abstract language that, for example, members of his family like the grandmother, have used for many years as a tradition and that is currently being lost.

The Wedding Dress For 2018, Romantic And Sensual

For those who will have to get married in 2018, the crucial moment is approaching, the one that haunts every woman and that confronts a choice that will determine the degree of satisfaction on the wedding day: the wedding dress. So here is some useful information on the wedding dress for 2018 for the dress to wear on the altar. Continue reading →

How to press your dressmaking projects

In dressmaking, pressing at various stages has a big part to play and it can make all the difference between an okay and a fine finish. Pressing differs to ironing in that rather than moving the ironing back and forth over the material, you, in fact, press the iron onto the material for a few seconds, lift off, and press onto another part of the material.

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Pressing can soften your material, and make your dress look far better by flattening out seams and adding definition to your stitching lines. Also, it can help you in shaping your darts, and overall, give your dressmaking project a tidier and cleaner finish.

When should I press?

You should press at various points in dressmaking. The first is before you cut out your chosen fabric. If you press at this stage, it will help you to cut pieces which are more accurately shaped. If you have already cut out the pattern in your fabric and it is creased, you can press it on a low heat without any steam. Always remember to check any ink on your material will not run from pressing.

Before you stitch a hem, it is best to press it which allows you to have a flatter hem and enable you to produce a tidier finish. Every time you sew a seam, it is best to press it and then also to press it before you proceed to stitch across it.

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Where should I press?

For seams, the best place to press is whilst open or more towards the back of the piece. Also, darts are best when pressed to one side. It is best to avoid pressing gathers altogether.

How do I press?

Dressmaking fabric can be purchased online at stores such as but fabrics should be chosen carefully and you should ensure you check how your fabric responds to heat before pressing. Always test your iron on a small patch of the fabric you have used.

Protect your fabric by placing it under a pressing cloth, piece of cotton, or a tea cloth, and pressing onto this so it does not face direct heat. Also, press both sides of the fabric.

Pressing can help turn your dressmaking project into a fine finished product with tidy edges, clean lines, and a fantastic overall cut and finish.

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White party collection

It is necessary to recognize that the campaigns of Blanco surpass itself itself season after season. Photos taken care of to the maximum, original styles, supermodels more and more beautiful … but in 50% of the cases, I do not want to be exaggerated, when you find the garment in question, has little to do with what you dreamed. Continue reading →

The Top Trends for Fashion and Stores for 2017

Things can become a bit more sci-fi than expected for next year as artificial intelligence and sustainable design is being brought to our lives, all inspired by the fashion show, ‘Stranger Things’ from Netflix, And this is one of the most important trends that will be expected next year. With 2017 just a few days away, FashionUnited shares the top trends to come in the next two seasons and those that will define the entire year, all with Edited data. Continue reading →

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Containment Of Expenses In Primark

I do not usually go to Primark; although the brand is running it will miss the shops on the street in the middle of the cities. However, after seeing an advance of the winter collection of Primark, I had to mount a tour to one of its shops and this bridge has come to me pearls. Continue reading →

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