The Wedding Dress For 2018, Romantic And Sensual

For those who will have to get married in 2018, the crucial moment is approaching, the one that haunts every woman and that confronts a choice that will determine the degree of satisfaction on the wedding day: the wedding dress. So here is some useful information on the wedding dress for 2018 for the dress to wear on the altar. Continue reading →

How to press your dressmaking projects

In dressmaking, pressing at various stages has a big part to play and it can make all the difference between an okay and a fine finish. Pressing differs to ironing in that rather than moving the ironing back and forth over the material, you, in fact, press the iron onto the material for a few seconds, lift off, and press onto another part of the material.

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Pressing can soften your material, and make your dress look far better by flattening out seams and adding definition to your stitching lines. Also, it can help you in shaping your darts, and overall, give your dressmaking project a tidier and cleaner finish.

When should I press?

You should press at various points in dressmaking. The first is before you cut out your chosen fabric. If you press at this stage, it will help you to cut pieces which are more accurately shaped. If you have already cut out the pattern in your fabric and it is creased, you can press it on a low heat without any steam. Always remember to check any ink on your material will not run from pressing.

Before you stitch a hem, it is best to press it which allows you to have a flatter hem and enable you to produce a tidier finish. Every time you sew a seam, it is best to press it and then also to press it before you proceed to stitch across it.

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Where should I press?

For seams, the best place to press is whilst open or more towards the back of the piece. Also, darts are best when pressed to one side. It is best to avoid pressing gathers altogether.

How do I press?

Dressmaking fabric can be purchased online at stores such as but fabrics should be chosen carefully and you should ensure you check how your fabric responds to heat before pressing. Always test your iron on a small patch of the fabric you have used.

Protect your fabric by placing it under a pressing cloth, piece of cotton, or a tea cloth, and pressing onto this so it does not face direct heat. Also, press both sides of the fabric.

Pressing can help turn your dressmaking project into a fine finished product with tidy edges, clean lines, and a fantastic overall cut and finish.

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White party collection

It is necessary to recognize that the campaigns of Blanco surpass itself itself season after season. Photos taken care of to the maximum, original styles, supermodels more and more beautiful … but in 50% of the cases, I do not want to be exaggerated, when you find the garment in question, has little to do with what you dreamed. Continue reading →

The Top Trends for Fashion and Stores for 2017

Things can become a bit more sci-fi than expected for next year as artificial intelligence and sustainable design is being brought to our lives, all inspired by the fashion show, ‘Stranger Things’ from Netflix, And this is one of the most important trends that will be expected next year. With 2017 just a few days away, FashionUnited shares the top trends to come in the next two seasons and those that will define the entire year, all with Edited data. Continue reading →

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Containment Of Expenses In Primark

I do not usually go to Primark; although the brand is running it will miss the shops on the street in the middle of the cities. However, after seeing an advance of the winter collection of Primark, I had to mount a tour to one of its shops and this bridge has come to me pearls. Continue reading →

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Planning a Destination Wedding

If the thought of getting married on top of a snowy mountain or in an exotic location leaves you smiling, it may be time to consider forgoing the traditional church ceremony in favor of a destination wedding. Surprisingly affordable in many cases, getting married in a stunning locale can accommodate just the couple or the soon-to-be newlyweds and a group of close friends and family.

Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Wedding

Whether you and your fiancée are thinking of flying to Vegas to take your vows under the neon lights or you are looking for beach wedding packages that include photography, flowers and other components, finding a place that reflects your personality is important when selecting a spot for your destination wedding.
Some couples are also concerned with the cost of a destination wedding; while this can be an issue for those who have to travel a great distance to reach the spot that they prefer for their wedding, alternatives may be available. For instance, Midwestern couples on a tight budget who want to get married at the beach may opt to consider the Great Lakes Region rather than traveling to an oceanfront city. Couples struggling to agree on a location may also want to consider combining their desires; for example, if the groom wants to get married in Vegas and his partner prefers the beach, consider a wedding in Ocean City to perfectly combine the two ideas.

Planning a Destination Wedding

Guests and Destination Wedding Costs

While couples may actually save money on destination weddings over the traditional wedding-reception-honeymoon model, costs can quickly climb for guests. Typically the couple or their parents cover the cost of an airport shuttle, a special activity, such as a tour of the city, ground transportation to the wedding location and hotel rooms for wedding attendants. Guests should plan to pay for hotels, travel and related expenses; however, special guests with limited financial resources, such as a beloved grandmother, may be an exception the conventional customs surrounding who pays for what when attending a destination wedding.

Making it Your Own

If you and your future spouse are planning your wedding day in a specific location, it can be easy to overlook important customs or family traditions during the hectic planning and travel periods. Make your wedding day unforgettable by adding those special touches that are often neglected by couples marrying away from home.

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Be your own fashion designer

Making your own clothes used to be a commonplace practice but seems to be a bit of a dying art nowadays. Or is it? Why would people want to make their own clothes when shopping for them on the high street or online is easier than ever before? If you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect sizing then maybe having the ability to make your own doesn’t seem so crazy after all! There are many benefits to dressmaking and here we will take a look at some.

Be your own fashion designer

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The ability to create your own clothes is a very rewarding activity and enables you to fully express your own style and personality instead of relying on what a designer has decided you should wear. There is also the huge satisfaction of having something ‘made by you’ and the achievement of wearing something totally unique that you’ll want to share with your family, friends and coworkers. Imagine something that can build your confidence, act as a channel for your creative side and make you look great and you’ve got a very fulfilling hobby. There are so many patterns available so why wait? Start building your own bespoke clothing collection. For Cotton Fabric, visit

  • Instead of buying expensive branded clothing, you could save money making your own and therefore have more cash to buy accessories to go with all your new creations – shoe and handbag shopping is always fun!
  • You don’t have to rely on shopping around for ages to find the perfect sizing, which differs so greatly between labels. You will be able to create your own fashion style that suits your personal body shape.

Be your own fashion designer2

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  • Don’t like the current trends? Why be dictated to by the fashion world? Don’t let other designers dress your world. Making your own clothes allows freedom to choose styles and designs that suit your skin tone.
  • Be individual and create a one-off design, unique to yourself. You will feel proud that no other person in the world has the same dress, skirt, or top as you.
  • Humans have a desire to be creative so let yours run free and allow that basic human desire to fulfill itself.
  • You’ll have well made clothing that you will love to wear, time and time again.
  • The sense of personal achievement when you finish, wear and show off your clothing.
  • Making your own clothes gives you a greater sense of being in control of your own image and as we are often judges on our appearance, creating our own look can help boost our self esteem and confidence.

There is absolutely no harm in giving it a go if it’s something that has attracted you in the past. What have you got to lose? If it’s not for you then there’s no harm done and the high street clothes stores will all still be there. But what if you discover an exhilarating and exciting hobby, an outlet for all your unique and personal style traits. Who knows, you might even discover a secret fashion designer trapped inside you!

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Three Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra

A badly fitting bra can affect both your health and sporting performance. If you’re not sure if you fall into the overcrowded category of women wearing the wrong bra during exercise, here are a trio of signs that your bra is not right for the job.

Three Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra

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Breathing Problems

If your bra is too tight, you won’t be able to take the deep breaths necessary during exercise. This won’t make you feel great and will mean that you can’t get the most out of your exercise sessions.

Wearing a bra that is too loose can also be an issue. If your bra lifts away from your body when you jog on the spot, you probably need a smaller band.

Just as bras such as the Prima Donna Deauville White Bra offer effective support during day-to-day activities, your sports bra should offer you the support you need while still letting you move easily during physical activities.

Too Much Bouncing

Bouncy boobs are uncomfortable, and breast tissue can be damaged as a result. The problem of breast pain as a result of exercise is explored in a New York Times article.

To prevent muscle fatigue in breasts, cups need to fully encompass breast tissue, in the same way that bras such as this – – encapsulate the breast for normal wear.

Three Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra2

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When trying on sports bras, do jog on the spot or jump around to test its bounce-busting powers. If you notice excessive bouncing, try a bra with wider straps, flexi-wire or extra back clasps.


If breast tissue is coming out around the bra, it means that it doesn’t fit properly. Your bra may create great cleavage, but overspill is a sign that you’re going to be short on support when it comes to the crunch. You could try wearing a bigger cup size or investing in a fuller cup shape.

Choosing the Right Bra

You need to make sure that you are wearing the right size of bra and the right type for the job. If you’re planning on doing higher-impact exercise or you have a bigger bust, you might need an encapsulation bra, which is like an everyday bra but with more coverage, while smaller breasts can often be kept safe in a compression bra, which keeps them flat to the chest wall.

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