Bershka Lookbook

Autumn is just around the corner, while we fully enjoy the last weeks of the summer season. For this reason, Bershka online has wanted to present new proposals for this period between two seasons. Continue reading →

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Music Festival Fashion Basics

Music festivals seem to cluster around when the weather is warm. You, therefore, want to pick a fashion that is comfortable, but there are a few trends that you will see at these events. Graphic t-shirts are one of them. Something like the this is how I roll tractor shirt tends to go over quite well with music festival goers, but it’s not limited to that design. Pick a statement or image that fits your mood and style, and you’ll fit in regardless. Continue reading →

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Basic Wardrobe Essentials for College Guys

Shopping is as important for college guys as it is for girls. The guys often think about shoes and gym clothes, but there’s more to it than that. Your college wardrobe must account for what’s appropriate in class, at work, or going out with friends. Basic wardrobe essentials include: Continue reading →

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Gold shoes, the new trend of summer

From accessories to shoes, the new trend of summer 2015 the gold shoes…

Not all colors are easy to match. In clothing of the concerns often arise when we are in front of the gold, as this, very bright and flashy, not only goes with everything, but must be combined with discretion and worn in a different way from the day than in the evening.
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All About Bamboo Therapy: Bamboo Welfare

The massage technique with bamboo already has its own name – Bambu Therapy – and at his baptism is the French physiotherapist Gil Amsallem. At least the treatment that is most widespread, since there are other methods of massage with bamboo canes associated with other developers, if the “Bamboo Fusion Massage” and “Tian Di Bamboo Massage”. Continue reading →

When is Enough Too Much? The Make-up Dilemma

A recent study has shown that women may overestimate the amount of make-up that others find attractive. There has been heated debate surrounding the issues and purpose of wearing make-up, ranging from whether make-up simply conforms to a patriarchal gaze, or whether women use it to enhance their best features in order to feel confident. Continue reading →

Top tips for First-time Wedding Photographers

Photographing your first wedding can be a scary business. It may be the happiest day in a couple’s life but for a photographer this first one can be one of the most stressful in your whole career. There are so many emotions invested in the occasion that failure is really not an option. Here are seven tips to help you prevent it from happening – and to stop you from having a meltdown on the big day. Continue reading →

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Setting the Scene and Asking the Big Question

If you’re planning to pop the question, there are a multitude of ways you could choose. Just remember, however, that what you opt for is likely to form the basis for stories that will be told for years, so it’s worth making an effort to get it right. The problem is that what’s right for one person may be a nightmare for another, which leads on to proposal tip number one. Continue reading →

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