Dress Code For Men At The Wedding

If you really do not care about your appearance, remember that taking care of your look in these circumstances is also, and above all, a form of respect towards the spouses who have invited you. And then, one must not disfigure! Here, then, some tips on how to dress code for a wedding in which you are a simple guest, without that particular “tasks” institutional. Continue reading →

Duel Of Pockets

They are two of the celebrities of the moment and everything they touch becomes the next day in trend. Both Olivia Palermo and Sienna Miller have proposed to amortize their complements and do not hesitate to repeat bag over and over again. And they have not left a single day at home for months: to go shopping, go to an event or even walk their dog. Continue reading →

Top Wedding Hairstyling Tips For Girls With Curly Hair

Most people will build up rules as to what hairstyle a woman must choose for her age. However, what they forget is the fact that age is just a number. Your hairstyle must be essentially influenced by your personal style and it must reflect your personality in it. However, while you may wish to experiment with a certain hairstyle, you may have to consider your age factor to ensure that you get the best results. Therefore, a perfect hairstyle does not smother your personal taste and also ensures that it suits your age perfectly. Besides, it has been noted that a woman constantly evolves and therefore, this might influence her dressing and hairstyling patterns. However, while this is true, it is also important that you opt for a hairstyle that gives you the confidence that you need to take on the world. Given below are some excellent options that will leave you spoilt for choice. These are chic and stylish hairstyles for every woman, irrespective of their age. Continue reading →