7 cheap Swiss watches that will cost you less than 500 euros

7 cheap Swiss watches that will cost you less than 500 euros
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In this post, I want to show you 7 cheap Swiss Watches that will cost you less than 500 dollars!

The truth is that it is a fairly recurring issue, that is … that more than one and more than one has asked me about it!

So, here I am again, creating a list of 7 cheap Swiss Watches that I think may be of interest to you!

And I really tell you (again!)

So if it seems good to you… do we get to work?

What do cheap Swiss watches mean?

Good question, my friend! 😀

Well, cheap Swiss watches means Swiss watches at a good price …!

Although I am aware that telling you this can cause confusion, so I want to make an additional clarification …

So when I refer to cheap Swiss watches I mean Swiss watches of less than $ 500!

And yes, maybe for you $ 500 is a lot of money (for me it is!), But in Swiss watchmaking …$ 500 is almost nothing!

Imagine watches starting at 1,000 dollars, $ 10,000, $ 30,000,$ 50,000 … even to see who says it fatter. So in Swiss watchmaking, this is a no stop!

So that said and all this said!

To the mess my friend! 🙂

Affordable Swiss Watches – 7 Cheap Swiss Watches for Men

Well, here I leave you a list of Swiss watches for 500 dollars … or rather … for less than 500 dollars!

1) Swiss Military Hanowa Men’s Watch 06-5296.04.007cheap Swiss watches

Well, we opened the list with the Swiss Military Hanowa Men’s Watch 06-5296.04.007!

It is a Swiss-made watch, robust and serious looking!

Eye, when I say serious I do not mean it is boring, much less, eh?

For me, the Swiss Military Hanowa Men’s Watch model 06-5296.04.007 looks very ” Swiss Military “!

That is, it carries in its DNA the military “style”!

Robust watch, with a large bezel that carries lumen at 12h!

In addition, it has a diameter of 44 mm, a thickness of 10 mm and a weight of 200 grams approx!

And not only that, its crystal is made of synthetic sapphire, so it is an anti-scratched glass!

This is great, this way, you don’t have to be suffering whether it is scratched or not …! In addition, it also gives an extra point of robustness!

Finally, you have to keep in mind that it has a folded safety lock that will prevent the watch from opening!

Ah! And it is also resistant to 10 atm / 10 Bar / 100 m!

And what is cooler is its price that is about $ 200

2) Men’s Wenger Watch 01.0643.113cheap Swiss watches

Stylish and modern Swiss watch! In addition, it falls into the category of Swiss watches for less than 500 dollars!

Take it now!

I really like the roll it takes! A mix of looking for the classic lines but taken to a very modern style!

The Wenger watch for men 01.0643.113 has a diameter of 43 mm, thickness 10 mm and a weight of 299 gr!

In addition, it is a robust watch thanks to its stainless steel case, its stainless steel metal strap and its anti-scratch sapphire crystal!

On this model, I would highlight its color combination …

On the one hand, it is a two-color watch, which combines the color of stainless steel with that of rosé gold (fashionable color in watches).

In addition, it is a Swiss sports watch … and we see that already in its line, as well as in the combination of colors between the red button, the rose gold crown and the lower button!

Finally, I will tell you that this Swiss watch is more expensive than the previous one … 450 dollars!


Yes, it is touching 500 dollars but to be a Swiss watch, it is a cheap Swiss watch of fewer than 500 dollars…

3) Bisset 88 Bisset watch for mencheap Swiss watches

Elegant and modern watch in a chocolate brown finish!

The truth is that I think a daring watch but without being tacky, much less!

In other words, the Bisset bsdd88 Men’s Watch seems like a stylish watch that breaks the “classic look” of the men’s watch!

In addition, it has a box diameter of 42 mm, a thickness of 13 mm and a weight of 150 grams!

What comes to be a lightweight watch thanks to its Venetian mesh strap that has been so successful lately!

Now, the crystal of this model is Mineral Crystal, so this one can end up scratching!

Finally, I will tell you that the price is also quite affordable to be a Swiss watch …

You have it for 210 dollars

4) Tissot Tradition Gent watch for men model T0636101603800cheap Swiss watches

Man! In this compilation of the 7 cheap Swiss Watches, you could not miss the Tissot Tradition Gent Watch model T0636101603800!

Classic and elegant lines!

The Tissot watch brand is one of the most representative within affordable Swiss Made watches!

In this case, the Tissot model T0636101603800 has a diameter of 42 mm, the thickness of 8 mm and a weight of 454 grams!

To highlight, I would tell you that it has an anti-scratch sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment!

Come on, I think it’s a good idea that the glass, in addition to being resistant, also has an anti-glare treatment!

5) Roamer 220837.49.65.02 men’s watch

The Roamer brand is also a reputed Swiss watch brand! In addition, it has very affordable models!

In this case, the 220837.49.65.02 men’s watch seems like a very elegant watch!

If you look, the finish of this watch is rose gold! The color I was telling you before was so fashionable!

To highlight this model would put its bezel with tachymeter that is very discreet but gives a touch of color and contrast that has its roll!

Also his Chrono, his sapphire crystal and his brown cowhide strap!

Not bad at all, right?

And its price?

Well look, now that you ask me, I tell you …

Its price is $ 400

6) Luminox watch for men XS.3505.SC.SETcheap Swiss watches

With this watch, I wanted to surprise you a little …

The Luminox brand is famous for designing and manufacturing military watches, resistant and highly visible in low light conditions or absence of it!

So I present the Luminox model XS.3505.SC.SET, with that contrast of blackstrap and yellow dial!

This is an affordable Swiss Made watch since it is below the $ 500 range.

The case is made of carbon, is an ultralight watch!

In addition, its diameter is 45 mm, 14 mm thick and weighing only 73 grams!

And not only that, it is water-resistant to 20 Atm / 20 Bar / 200 m !!

So it is a battle clock but Swiss-made!

Well, its price is 460 dollars

7) Candino watch for men C4634 /1cheap Swiss watches

Here is another of the 7 cheap Swiss watches that will cost you less than 500 dollars!!

This time it is the Candino watch for men C4634 /1, elegant watch where there are!

It has a diameter of 41 mm, a thickness of 8 mm and weighing only 100 grams!

So it is an elegant, simple watch, not too large in diameter to be a men’s and light watch!

As “extra” presents the sapphire crystal!

Why is it extra?

Because it is ultra-resistant and irritable! That is, you can always visualize the clock without the annoying scratches!

Its strap is 20 mm black leather, a component that gives a touch of smartwatch!

Then there is the sphere that mixes the classic lines with the modern ones! And the truth is that he does very well!

Its price is less than $ 200


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