Dare With The Tube Skirt

Dare With The Tube Skirt
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You can go dusting off your old pencil skirt because this season have returned to fashion. Today we tell you why it has become a classic of seduction and what are models this season are carried Dare you to move your hips?

Dare with the tube skirt

The pencil skirt became very popular in the 50s from the hand of French designer Christian Dior , who created with the idea that it was a skirt close – fitting to equilibrate the feminine lines. The truth is that she was not mistaken and turned the tube skirt into a classic seduction.

The pencil skirt has had several seasons in which he became a fashion icon , and this year is again yours. Their success is that shapes the feminine curves to be adjusted to the hips and legs, which inevitably makes an infallible weapon of attraction.

Dare With The Tube Skirt
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Stella McCartney

One of the most seductive models this season come from the hand of Italian designer Anna Molinari , characterized by trendsetter with tight models , both skirts as dresses , as it believes that “Seduction is a matter of style, to live in freedom ” . His creations for the brand Blugirl give the pencil skirt a new dimension, giving it a style less formal and more versatile , ideal for everyday use on walks or outings with friends. In the same urban style Stella McCartney dare with a transparency that will leave with their mouths open to more than one.

Dare With The Tube Skirt
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Marc Jacobs

Although if you are looking for a more daring skirt then I recommend the collection of the prestigious American designer Marc Jacobs for this autumn winter 2011 to 2012 , with its incredible innovation pencil skirts scales based leather, sequins or circular pieces. Have you already decided that skirt you will wear this season?


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