Daughters of the star, fashion icon grow small

Daughters of the star, fashion icon grow small
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They are very young, but they have style to spare and have shown it is during the events in the street. Here are the daughters of the stars more fashion of the moment.

Daughters of the star, fashion icon grow small
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The daughters of the stars enjoy popularity since they are in the womb and in the eyes of the tabloids seem like mini celebrities before they are able to walk.

 Growing up, these mini celebrities become a succulent meal for the spotlight that monitor them day after day. Some parents celebrities manage to keep their children in the shadows, saving at least during childhood their privacy, while others do not bother to show them to the world.

But at the age of adolescence, thanks to the company, these stars rising showbiz start to show attracting attention more on himself than on the parent VIPs. And if these also style to spare divestment idols of young girls who want to copy the look-will not take long to the consecration of fashion icon and shadowing by the prying eyes of the fashion world.

This is the case of Lily Rose Depp who made ??his first public debut during the show of Chanel Metiers Art. The daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis has presented the event with a total look Chanel made ??up crop top and pencil skirt. From that moment Lily Rose was continually paparazzi through the streets of Los Angeles and its looks we have been well studied.

Another daughter of art in recent times has been the omnipresent social events and fashion shows is Zoe Kravitz, born from the union of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. The look of the twenty-six are mostly in all-black or all-white from the soul and punk rock.

The spotlight is also on Maya Thurman Hawke, daughter of actress Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. Maya made ??his first public appearance at the 2015 CFDA with a dress by Zac Posen. In the street his style is sporty and youthful, prefers shoes and shorts with the hem-edged. Click here http://thefirewheel.com/ to know more tips and ideas.


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