Décolletés Christian Louboutin, the spring summer collection 2015

Décolletés Christian Louboutin, the spring summer collection 2015
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The decolletages made by Christian Subroutine shoes are the most coveted in the world. By Galleria the peep toe, here are the most beautiful models of the spring summer collection.


Décolletés Christian Louboutin the spring summer collection 2015
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This is the motto of those of us who holds one of the many drawers in the dream of one day owning a pair of decolletages just signed by Monsieur Christian Subroutine. These are the shoes for excellence, the model worn by the stars and the most desired by fashionistas; the red-soled shoe can make your head spin to women much more than it can do the men. The spring summer collection 2015 made ??by the French brand offers a wide range of new, next to the now famous Galleria , with patterns in shades of trend of the season, in block color or printed version.

A summer collection from fresh nuances, which rotate in a particular way around the pastel shades and sorbet. It should therefore models blacks or whites, diamond studs or those matte leather or suede in shades like turquoise and pink candy, but also in the red, blue and orange. The forms range from a narrow point for decolletages, those pointy slightly more rounded, while the heel varies from 5 to 12 cm depending on your taste.

For those who like a bin ton mark provides pumps color block as the famous Galleria Plato, those in black patent leather, or the model I know Kate effect degrade or wavy profile. For the more daring but the choice is between the pumps decorated with studs on the toe or on the entire surface, the animal or the decolletages with upper printed on a leather or python and elapse. For those not afraid of heights, there are new models from Daffodil dizzying plateau of 6 cm, in classic colors or pastel.


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