The most valuable Elizabeth Taylor jewelry

The most valuable Elizabeth Taylor jewelry
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The Hollywood diva, Elizabeth Taylor, was a woman who not only acted but was also a businesswoman and humanitarian. She was recognized as one of the best actresses of the fifties and for her beauty, especially for her violet eyes that captivated so many people on and off the screen. We talk about the most valuable Elizabeth Taylor jewelry.

Her good taste was undeniable and he always dressed in a sophisticated style that stole glances wherever he went. In addition, the actress had a collection of jewelry that even had names and which have been auctioned over the years. We are going to tell you what some of our favorite and most valuable pieces of your collection are.

The most valuable Elizabeth Taylor jewelry

The pilgrim

Elizabeth Taylor jewelry

It is a teardrop-shaped pearl that is part of a necklace with more pearls. Before she left Taylor, the pearl would originate from Panama belonged to the Spanish royal family for 8 generations until arriving in France and from there to the United States.

Tiara Mike Todd

Elizabeth Taylor jewelry

Instead of having an engagement ring, the actress received an engagement tiara from Burton. The tiara is composed of diamonds that make it a crown. Taylor first used it on the 1957 Oscars red carpet.

Ruby ring

Elizabeth Taylor jewelry

This extravagant ring was born thanks to the promise the producer made to his wife to get him a ruby. After 4 years he kept his word and gave Taylor a perfect red ruby ​​mounted on a diamond ring.

The Taj Mahal diamond

Burton got a diamond that is said to have belonged to Emperor Shah Jahangir and that he gave to his wife. The producer gave him the diamond in a Taylor necklace for her 40th birthday.


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