Fashion myths we have all heard of

Fashion myths we have all heard of
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Some of the most common myths about what you should wear are simply untrue. Here we look at six fashion myths that do not have any basis in truth.

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Your shoes and handbag should always match

Most people no longer worry about this. If you did manage to team all your brightly coloured heels with bags of the same colour, the effect would probably be too overwhelming anyway. Instead, try to find items in the same colour family that will complement each other, and never be afraid to experiment.

You should not wear more than one bright colour

This rule helps sometimes, but if you wear something neutral in between the bold colours, the effect can be quite flattering. For example, you could wear a bright top and bold-coloured shoes, but add a neutral-coloured skirt so they do not clash. Of course we all have numerous bright coloured clothing hanging up in our Bespoke Wardrobes Hampshire way, just waiting to be worn.

White is only for the summer

This just does not make sense. White is as acceptable in winter as it is in summer. Some people associate white with the warmer weather because they link lightweight fabrics with lighter colours and fabrics such as fine cottons and linens are not really suitable for winter weather.

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Short women should not wear maxi dresses

The maxi dress is referred to as a summer fashion staple by Cosmopolitan, and it can look casual or sophisticated whatever your height. If you are conscious of your height, why not put your hair up or team a blue maxi dress with strappy wedge sandals to make yourself appear taller?

Horizontal stripes make you look fat

This is a very common myth but research has shown that the opposite is true; people wearing horizontal stripes can appear thinner!

Gold and silver do not go together

If your wedding ring is gold, you may feel you want to wear other accessories in gold, but there is really no need. If gold and silver did not complement each other, there would not be so many stylish pieces of jewellery that are designed with the two precious metals in combination. Go ahead and mix gold and silver jewellery – just make sure that the designs complement each other!


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