Giambattista Valli created for 7 For All Mankind

Giambattista Valli created for 7 For All Mankind
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The haute couture signed Valli meets the American brand of denim, to give life to an exclusive capsule collection. The mini denim collection, a collaboration between the Italian house of high fashion and 7 For All Mankind, was presented at the last Milan Fashion Week from 10 Corso Como.

Giambattista Valli created for 7 For All Mankind
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Fashion Denim timeless and ageless, skinny cut and the lines, shapes and materials, unmistakably styled Valli. If this will be the season of denim, then the Italian designer has made ??the center, proposing a different one, fine, colorful.

Valli has mixed and played mainly with the nuances, 7 indeed those of red, for sale in the

until last May, which now give way to others; this will be the period of blue. Always in multiple shades and patterns.

The collection features high-waisted trousers and linear cuts, but also legged elephant and suits, bomber jackets, shorts, and other leaders, dedicated to all the lovers of style and valleys of this new denim.

A field unusual for the Italian designer, who still claimed to be considered fully satisfied and proud of the result. He also illustrated his work, his creations, explaining that he had used the denim as a canvas on which to draw their imaginations, their customers multicultural, but united by the same passion for style and charm, only, of Giambattista Valli.

Giambattista Valli, Italian heart and passion, but professional throughout France, takes flight in the world of fashion since November 2002. After working for many major brands and traveled the world in search of news, ideas, style today can be considered among the highest peaks of Italian fashion and proud for his bosses worn by celebrities around the world.


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