Guide To Shoot Outfit Perfect

Guide To Shoot Outfit Perfect
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Here are some simple rules to follow to get shots from true fashion bloggers. The person you put it, the techniques we suggest us.

Guide To Shoot Outfit Perfect
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The photos are the fashion blogger like water is to human existence. In short, a comparison risky, but can make the relationship necessary and indispensable to the maintenance of this “species Digital”, which produces daily real phenomena of communication.

Fashion bloggers have indeed understood immediately the power of photo snapshots thereby starting a phenomenon grown exponentially in recent years. The social action, loyalty with models and their spread on the network are just from those clicks flowing incessantly on our message boards Facebook and Instagram, and they want to show the outfits and the daily decisions of bloggers in terms of style. But what lies behind a shot?

Doing a careful analysis of the thousands of photos that are published daily from models you realize how all of them will follow the common technical, highlighting precise parts of your outfit or taking positions very common among them, traceable in all the shots. Behind a simple picture it seems to be a really great job (and not just Photoshop), studied by these girls who live by bread, fashion and social networks.

We have identified some of the techniques used by the fashion bloggers in their shots. Now it’s up to you to put them into practice.

Guide To Shoot Outfit Perfect
Image Source: Google Image

Shot from above

The shot from the top is one of the most used techniques. Just open Instagram and move around the board to see pass under the eyes thousands of photos like these. It is a much efficient, showing only part of the outfit, focusing on the legs and then the shoes worn. The recording can be enhanced by several details such as accessories, bags, flowers, animals, Starbucks coffee or ice cream, which make the particular topic and colorful, can arouse curiosity and pleasure in the eyes of their followers.

Sitting cross-legged

This is the most comfortable and natural, can show the whole outfit worn by highlighting especially shoes and bags, strategically located next to the legs. There is nothing random in this shot: the position of the arms and legs around the body to the expression of the face, every detail is studied in detail.

Standing cross-legged

Together with the prior art, this location is one of the most used by fashion bloggers during their fashion photoshoot. Standing or resting on a surface our expert style always tend to cross the legs, slightly bending the front, so as to form a small angle. A position that can give naturally, removing a bit ‘of firmness and immobility of positions taken vertically. Ferragni Chiara is the lover par excellence of this technique that we can see between its many shots.

The selfie mirror

A classic. The selfie the mirror is another of the most common techniques used to always converge in which all positions are already defined. It is a click can easily show the whole outfit, but also smartphone used. You can not hide your face after cutting the pictures, dub the image, or sit comfortably cross your legs. The result is assured.


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