How to properly maintain your jewelry display cases

How to properly maintain your jewelry display cases
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You may have heard of the saying that “diamonds are a woman’s best friend” but it is a fact that both men and women love diamonds and other pieces of jewelry for their look and the status they automatically bring to the person wearing them. That being said, jewelry display cases are always in demand not just by jewelry shops but also by people who love to show them off. Here’s a quick guide on how to maintain your jewelry display cases to ensure they last as long as possible.

How to properly maintain your jewelry display cases
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Be careful of what you place inside it

Whether it’s a trophy, a diamond ring or a necklace, you should always be aware of the items that are placed inside your jewelry display cases. Some objects are heavier than others and may have abrasive surfaces which could end up damaging your precious jewelry display cases over time. While most people will tell you that you can easily buff out any scratches on glass surfaces, this isn’t true as deeper scratches are permanent and cannot be removed. The other option is to replace the jewelry display cases entirely depending on the severity of the scratch.

Always remember to dust it

The glass on your jewelry display cases can only serve its purpose as long as it is both scratch-free and dust-free. You probably know that dust can easily get on to any surface no matter how hard you try to keep them out and it is on glass where dust is most easily seen. Allowing your glass jewelry display cases to collect dust will rob it of its natural beauty. Thankfully, it doesn’t require much to get the glass on your jewelry display cases shining again.

All you need to do is take a lint-free microfiber cloth and give it a good wipe. A feather duster works just as good and both these methods will work wonders in helping keep your glass clean. How often should you dust you ask? Try to do it at least once a month but this depends on the air quality inside your shop or home. The dustier the surroundings are, the sooner dust buildup will occur.

Cleaning with glass cleaning products

By simply using a feather duster won’t be enough to keep the shine in your glass jewelry display cases. Every once in a while you should also get some industrial glass cleaning solutions and work on cleaning your jewelry display cases. It shouldn’t take too much time and effort to make your display case shining once more and you don’t even have to do it too often. For more tips visit


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