It’s Total Denim Craze For The Star

It’s Total Denim Craze For The Star
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The star Hollywood launch the total denim craze and is now trendy streetwear.

The new trend of spring denim craze comes straight from Hollywood stars, the so-called “Texas tuxedo” depopulated between icons of film and music.

It’s Total Denim Craze For The Star
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This trend resumes use to wear denim on denim as they do with jeans and cowboy shirt.

And it is this perfect union that rages among the most famous Hollywood stars and beyond, by Rhianna, Gwen Stefani, Kety Perry, Miranda Kerr and Cara Delevingne, through the runways from Gucci and Fendi to cross the street style. The denim is shot anyway.

What are skirts, pants, overalls, shorts, shirts and jackets not matter.

The trend involves combinations of denim in all its shades of color, from the most candid and celestite, the more rock in midnight blue. The tone on tone does not ever fall into the error, but there are those who tend to mix the two shades, by clearing so definitely this combination that did turn up their noses at many of the industry.

Torn, worn, light or dark, this tendency leaves open the imagination of fans canvas jeans.

Despite coming from the style hippie and folck 60s / 70s and then found in the hip-hop culture of the ’80s, this trend depopulated because he knows young and fresh, not binding and it is easy to reach because there are strict rules: it is the more casual clothes, that to which anything goes.

It’s Total Denim Craze For The Star
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Plays for sure modernity, chameleon, it adapts well to every personality, from the most transgressive as Miley Cyrus shows off that in hip-hop version, and then become sexy body of Rhianna wearing it in the model crop top, with nothing underneath, creating a see- combined with low-rise jeans. Or in a more casual-chic with a pencil skirt to the knee, and unbuttoned shirt over strictly with cleavage at the tip, creating a perfect marriage. Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Lopez opting instead for the outfit of choice for this trend: shirt and jenas, bring in different versions from casual with sneakers, heels or chic, this look is one that reflects the trend total denim, created with two cult leaders like that.

The denim clothing, unconventional and metropolitan, was the first to abandon the boundary line between male and female creating unisex fit, a clear example is the outfits sported by the model that best embodies all of these adjectives, tomboy style and face Angel Cara Delevingne interprets the height of his style this trand, matching jacket and jeans over ominili.

Mood 90s for those, however, love the overalls. Can show it off in all its variations due to this trend, like Gwen Stefani who chooses a bib with sleeves, or like many others who rely on the classic model with flap top and suspenders, brought strictly shirt with jeans.

For those who want to show off a version of the most innovative denim, Missoni has created a mini dress made ?of patchwork, which so resembles a brace overalls thanks to big but that is much more trendy and chic.

A patchwork witty invades outfits Katy Perry and Riff weblog Versace, parade on the red carpet with irony showing a dress that seems made ?from pieces of jeans, perfectly in line with the theme of the total denim with matching accessories.

It’s Total Denim Craze For The Star
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Even the accessories dress denim, from bags to shoes, blue jeans, and its plot are well suited to play the most beautiful bags that are already a cult, like the mini bag in denim Chanel clutch bag with shoulder strap and Jimmy Choo. While for the lovers of the capacious bags hobo bag designed by Chanel and enriched by mini side fringes, formed from the fabric frayed and dark chain, will donate a touch of Texas tuxedo to every outfit.

The coordinating total denim, the cleavage proposed by Jimmy- choo covered in canvas in light color.


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