kpop fashion style: style guide

kpop fashion style: style guide
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What began as a South Korean style of music has become a worldwide fashion reference. Today, more and more clothing styles are offered in stores, both physical and online. And in the case of Kpop fashion, what began as a South Korean musical style has become a revolution in fashion, especially among the younger audience.

The Kpop refers to a series of musical styles that have their origin in South Korea and have been sweeping for some time. Dance, R&B, hip-hop or rock are just some of the styles it covers. In addition, it is usually groups formed by girls or boys who practice it since for some years the ‘boy band’ or ‘girl band’ have been recognized by the public. In this way, the Kpop, which entered the market at the beginning of the 21st century. Has experienced a rapid expansion among the people of East and Southeast Asia. Today, thanks to the social networks and the rapid spread, this style has reached many other parts of the world.


But as mentioned in the beginning, Kpop is not only a musical phenomenon in South Korea or in the rest of the world. But it influences fashion and nowadays it has become a much-claimed style among the people. The clothes, hairstyles, and accessories used by their stars have become popular. And even, also the brand of their cosmetics and the way in which to apply them. The singers of these video clips have become idols not only for their songs. But also for their way of showing off, something that has marked a trend in the Asian country.

In order to copy this style or get ideas as an inspiration, South Korean star music videos are a highly recommended resource. Its striking staging is precisely what defines this style that stands out for its hairstyles. And extravagant clothing, striking colors, and makeups other than those we are usually used to seeing on the street.

Today, there have been many websites that have decided to collect the looks of these musical artists along with the price of each of the articles. In addition, on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram or even Pinterest, options. And examples of Kpop fashion styles are also shared so that people or followers of this style can imitate it. Even so, within the Kpop music genre. There are a variety of musical groups and therefore, many ways to bring this style to our outfit. Some of the most recent looks they have shown through their songs have been:

Festive look: The MAMAMOO music group is sweeping up with its song ‘Starry Night’. And its outfits that have been defined by many as festivals. Braids, long dresses with tribal prints, shorts and sandals have been the outfits that the protagonists wanted to make a trend through their song.

Rough look: The music group EXID has decided to travel to the past with the release of ‘Lady’. Oversized and sportswear are reminiscent of the hip hop style of the nineties. In addition, the accessories have been a fundamental piece to complete your dress. The big gold rings on the ears, the caps, and the famous Doc Martens boots have starred in their looks.

Simple look: Although this style usually stands out for its striking colors, there are also groups. Such as Lovelyz that bet on some of their video clips for outfits in all cakes. Making it clear that you can get good styling without having to make great efforts or think how to combine the colors.

These are just some of the examples that are part of the styles that the Kpop is spreading through this musical trend. Although in Spain its success is less palpable, countries like the United States. South America or Asia knows this style perfectly among its inhabitants. In this way, Kpop is laying the foundations for new trends worldwide. In fact, in 2018 a well-known fashion search engine has identified them as the main influence of global fashion and there are already many brands that are committed to taking this style into account in their new creations. Italian brands such as Gucci, Versace or Moschino They have been the first to take to the streets campaigns of clothes in the pure Kpop style in addition to uploading them to the catwalks, being part of some of their so-called parades.

Specifically, BTS is one of the best-known Kpop groups. And, in turn, considered by many who have made the use of these garments fashionable. It was formed in 2013 and they have become the most searched on Google in the last five years. In fact, TIME has categorized them as the next generation leaders. In addition, his musical success and his influence on fashion have been more than reflected.

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