Lilac Is The Trend For Spring 2015

Lilac Is The Trend For Spring 2015
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Declined on clothing and accessories, lilac shades will be the excellence of summer. The US company Pantone color of the year called him in 2014, the lilac is a very delicate and romantic shades, definitely not easy nor to wear nor to match.

Lilac Is The Trend For Spring 2015
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Yet fashion chose him as the undisputed protagonist of the trend for spring 2015, many leaders interesting to consider, from the wide choice of shoes from the simplest to those in line with the mood of the shade, or the silhouette more dreamy.

Fashion But there are also high-waisted skirts, long just above the ankles with wheel shape ideal for a lunch out but also for a sunny Sunday, combined with a simple shirt or a shirt, preferably white.

And if the sunny days still do not heat properly the solution is a trench-coat lightweight cotton, also the lilac might be optimal if chosen beside jeans minimal and a mesh ivory.

If you prefer, however, look more masculine, here is the catwalk also bermuda long mid-calf, then the dancers wearing shoes or ultra-flat black with a mesh combined make nuance harder; very rock’n’roll variant in jeans with rips on the knees.

Lilac Is The Trend For Spring 2015
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While sweatshirts, maybe lighter fabrics or perforated, are the practical and trendy during the months of interlude or a spring like this that is uncertain on arriving or less, sweatshirts with puppet shows a simple white or perforated, easy to match, giving a twist more.Fashion

Who does not love this color delicate and romantic, you can use its multiple gradations as: Indigo, Orchid, Blue of Persia, Violetta eggplant, purple red, cherry, magenta, fuchsia, lavender, mauve, wisteria and many others.

The Board final is surely to indulge themselves without too much fear of being wrong, and if the clothes do not convince you giocatela with the accessories, bags and backpacks, but also a nice hat with a wide brim or aiming to jewelery more showy and flashy that you find.


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