Look for Star – Elisa Sednaoui, The Muse Of The Moment Egyptian

Look for Star – Elisa Sednaoui, The Muse Of The Moment Egyptian
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The most disputed by designers is you, the Arab Mediterranean Elisa Sednaoui: a wild beauty and intriguing touch naive and vulnerable.

Elisa Sednaoui is the new muse of many designers and famous photographers in the fashion industry such as Karl Lagerfeld and the talented Christian Louboutin. “They are a mixture of different cultures, I was raised as an Egyptian un’italo frank, I definitional an Arab Mediterranean an Arab Latin” said the model to X-style. Italian Egyptian origin, Elisa speaks five languages, loves Paris and New York and lives in London with her ??two-year-old named Jack, and her husband gallerist Alexander Dellal. The Sednaoui is a very determined woman, wild and great lover of the challenges.

Look for Star Elisa Sednaoui, the muse of the moment Egyptian
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The model is not only advertising and event, but also broke through into the world of cinema ; In fact, he starred in movies such as We, together, now, Indigène D’Eurasie, Love lasts three years, The Legend of Kaspar Hauser and Soap Opera where he starred with Fabio De Luigi and Ricky Memphis. A geyser of ideas, innovation and adrenaline, not surprisingly many if the contending. After posing for catalogs of international brands H & M and Victoria’s Secret, in July 2008 he debuted on the festival and then became the spokesperson for Love Moschino.

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He worked for Emilio Pucci, Diane von Furstenberg, Just Cavalli and has appeared on the covers of Vogue and  Official. In 2010 the site vogue.it appointed her rising star (rising star) and in 2011 posing for the Pirelli calendar, experience repeated a few years later. A carrier quite substantial for a young woman with a little less than thirty years and with a road across to go.

“I’d feel a muse, I do not know if I feel a muse, and I do not think I have to say that for me have always been important muses, of the interesting points of reference,” he added to X-style.

Look for Star  Elisa Sednaoui, the muse of the moment Egyptian
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For a while ‘is cultivating the project to create a documentary film that narrates its origin, its starting to turn in Egypt. In addition the brand Tod’s, attracted by her sex appeal and ironic touch, has chosen for the campaign called ” The Virtuous Elevator “to advertise the new iconic bag Cape Bag.

The style of the Arab Mediterranean

Elisa is loving bon-ton, loves the chic-style sprayed urban, sports outfits ricochet signed Chanel to participate in major fashion shows, of course, in the front row, but also fur coat and fedora blouse casual for daily walks. It is a very versatile woman who likes to show off different styles, crazy for flared jeans that is colored blue or white makes no difference as long as they have the right width. He loves the sensual Parisian worn with lace-ups, bikers and elegant shoes with stiletto heel. A woman of many facets, a scheming beauty, a roaring sex appeal and a smile exciting.


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