Oxford Boots In The Women’s Wardrobe

Oxford Boots In The Women’s Wardrobe
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Spectacular shoes – the basis of a stunning image. In the new season, designers advise for a while to set aside neat half boots on a hairpin, put ankle boots on a thin heel in the closet and “turn on the green light” of the shoe on a flat course. For example, to pick up in the fashion collections suitable for style oxford boots. They are strict low shoes with a closed lacing (most often without eyelets) on a steady wide heel with a rounded toe. The front part oxford is sewn over the side parts (berets).

To create classic models, manufacturers use natural raw materials of the first-class manufacture, but commercially available options are made of suede, lacquered leather with a metallic sheen, as well as combined. Designers decided not to be limited to traditional (black and brown) shades of universal women’s shoes, greatly expanding the color palette. In addition, the coming season gave fashionistas a lot of surprises, for example, oksfordy with perforations, decorative elements, and a big heel.

Oxford Boots In The Women’s Wardrobe

They are chosen by the most famous person. Among the celebrities who prefer super-comfortable shoes: Kate Moss, Sarah J. Parker, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson, and others. Possessing impeccable taste of celebrity, judging by everything, appreciated the advantage of stylish models and just fell in love with them! With what to wear oxfords in 2019-2020 – a question that is relevant for many. This is due to the fact that these shoes are rather rude and resemble male models. In our compilation, we will tell you how to form a graceful feminine image in order to walk in them through life beautifully, confidently, easily!

What is the combination of low-heel oxford boots: ideas, photos?

They were borrowed by ladies from men’s wardrobe, so authentic low shoes (brown, in shades of beige or anthracite) look very advantageous with a gray loose raincoat/jacket with a straight cut in a glen check cage, with black skinny pants made of leather (leggings). When putting on pants with such shoes, choose 7/8 length options. Thick denim skinny can be tweaked neatly to form a cuff that is fashionable this season. In order not to look brutal, oxfords should be worn somewhat differently than the stronger sex, for example, leaving the graceful ankle open.

Oxford Boots In The Women’s Wardrobe

For strict shoes without a heel fit boyfriend jeans. The emphasis, in this case, should be transferred to the feminine top. An excellent solution is a translucent or tight blouse, neck jewelry, loose curls, and long curls. If you wear oxfords in this way, they will give the outfit a touch of romance and coquetry, and in any situation, you will look elegant and feminine emphasized.

Want to create a strict ensemble with oxfords? To use low shoes in the framework of business style, it is necessary to choose a suit with a shortened fitted jacket, classic knee-length shorts. Feel free to combine oxford boots with business casual and smart casual suits. At least one pair of shoes must be present in the wardrobe of those who work in the banking sector, working in companies with strict dress-code.

Oxford Boots In The Women’s Wardrobe

If you wear skirts above the knee, add a look with knit or nylon golf. Stylists suggest wearing black and brown shoes with short white socks. Creative youth look will turn out if you wear oxford boots with gaiters above the knee, with short shorts, and knitted stockings. Do not refuse shoes of unusual color palette: burgundy, yellow, khaki, pink. If the monochrome options seem boring to you, look at the two-color, for example, black and white. They equally harmoniously look in combination with bright trousers, blazer, vest, complete with a knitwear jumper, and denim overalls.

Wear boots with heels up to 4 cm in length with preppy-style things: with classic design cardigans, flared short cloaks, trapezium skirts, and pleated, knitted vests.

Oxford Boots In The Women’s Wardrobe

Fashion Trend 2019: high heel oxfords for the most sophisticated lady

This version looks as feminine as possible. Shoes can be safely worn with skirts of various (from mini to maxi) lengths. Shoes with heels perfectly fit into the business style. Oxfords complement the bows with a dress-case, pencil skirt, classic and wide pants in the middle of the heel. Other shades of copper and copper are the best choice for early autumn. Wear them with leggings, knitted dresses, complementing the ensemble with a short leather jacket.

Want to be trendy? Be sure to pay attention to the material. For example, products made of suede, leather – a great choice for an image in casual style, and lacquer boots are good for exits, special events.

Oxford Boots In The Women’s Wardrobe

The most sophisticated beauty will certainly appreciate a pair made of materials with a metallic sheen. You can wear them with jeans, with a printed or white top, with an elegant laconic coat without a collar and with a jumper with a zipper in a sporty style. And, of course, do not forget about accessories!

The rapid rhythm of modern life dictates the need to choose models that combine practicality and convenience, absolute stability. The legs in such shoes will feel light and comfortable during the day, as a wide, steady heel provides the feet with a physiologically correct position. Women will not be difficult throughout the day to maintain activity, mobility and good mood! Bright decorative details of oxford boots emphasize the beauty and elegance of your slender legs.

Oxford Boots In The Women’s Wardrobe

These casual shoes will organically fit into a preppy or casual wardrobe. Particularly interesting low shoes look with pleated skirts, flying dresses, staples with a floral print. In a duet with a relaxed top and denim pants, we get the perfect kit for walking in the park, for shopping, or for study. An important role in outfits is given to accessories (watches, glasses, bags, jewelry). They must be exquisite, emphatically feminine. And do not forget: shoes are selected, taking into account the particular physique. For young ladies of short stature, stylists recommend a heel taller, and long-legged beauties will suit shoes on a wide and low. Oxfords confidently took their place in the women’s wardrobe today. And if you wear them correctly, it will not be difficult to achieve a wow-effect, creating elegant and stylish images!


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