Councils for the Choice of Polo Shirt.

For a long time and firmly took its position in the men’s wardrobe male polo shirt. The appearance of a man’s polo shirt is due to the British, who brought the original model of this shirt from India to England. Many years passed, the polo shirt changed its style many times and looked until it reached our time and found its real style, which we are accustomed to seeing. Continue reading →

Meet The Paper Bag Pants And How To Use Them

Discovering new types of clothing is part of exploring the styles and more if on the road we find a versatile garment. That’s why we tell you everything you need to know about paper bag pants and how to use them, this is a new trend that you will love. This piece that is characterized by being baggy and high shooting is causing a furor. Continue reading →

Mou Boots: The Coat for Your Feet

For the start of the cold season, the Mou Boots are the coat for your feet. And in your store to buy clothes online we will tell you how many types of this seasonal footwear there are and how to take care of them. Get stylish with these boots that look with all your fall/winter outfits. Continue reading so you can choose the one that best suits your style. Continue reading →

Your Questions Answered – Dr Martens

One of the UK’s most iconic footwear brands is Dr Martens. The company has a long and respected reputation for making incredibly robust, comfortable and practical footwear. If you’ve been considering investing in a pair, then here are some of your questions answered:

Can Dr Martens be resoled?

These shoes and boots are so resilient that it’s hard to see why you’d ever need them resoled. However, the footwear is moulded in one piece and would need to be returned to the factory for a new sole to be stitched on.

Where are they made in England?

The iconic footwear is manufactured in the Cobbs Lane factory in Wollaston, Northampton and have been since their beginnings in the UK in 1960. Some production is outsourced to factories elsewhere in the world, but the Wollaston factory is used to make the exclusive ‘Made in England’ line of boots.

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How do you wear Dr Martens boots?

The simple answer is easily! They are the most versatile footwear and can be worn by literally anyone with any styling. From police officers to punk rockers, the DM boot can be teamed up with any outfit or uniform. They are also timeless, with people styling them with formal suits, as well as jeans and t-shirts. There are lots of fashion blogs dedicated to how to dress your DMs where you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

What is the sizing like?

Sizing depends on the style you are seeking. It is always recommended that you try on footwear before you buy. If you find you’re between sizes, you can always try the shoe or boot with an insole. Visit to get fitted for your DR Martens Gloucester.

Are Doctor Martens waterproof?

The footwear brand is not 100% waterproof but are designed to withstand wet conditions up to a certain extent. You can increase the water resistance by applying a shoe oil. A balsam specially designed for Dr Martens containing coconut oil, beeswax and lanolin helps to protect the leather from salt, liquids and water. You can also use the balsam to polish your boots, keep them supple and prevent any leather-cracking.

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How long do Dr Martens last?

The shoes and boots of this brand are renowned for their durability, quality, craftsmanship and strength. Some wearers have claimed that they have been wearing their boots for two decades! With the right care and love, a pair of Dr Martens can last a lifetime.

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Summer Dress By The Type Of Figure. A Few Tips.

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Office Style for the Women

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Lavender Color in Clothes

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Fashionable Manicure In The Wild

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Which Greek Sandals To Choose For The Summer?

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