The Front Row Of Cibeles

Almost as much expectation as the fashion catwalks of these last days also raises the front row of the same ones. Beautiful faces, varied family and some other firecrackers are the protagonists of the first rows in the parades. And as we assume that you have already updated with the proposals of the American designers of these days, we leave some of the looks that have left us actresses, presenters and Other celebrities assiduous to these saraos … Continue reading →

The Return Of Hazel Shoes

Hazel owes a lot to this pair of shoes. In my case they were the letter of introduction of this brand and they became very special shoes. Patricia Conde and other famous ones used them in innumerable occasions and little by little they were becoming popular through forums, blogs … First were the hazelnut, the chocolate and the black ones. In the second round they changed the hazelnut for the cinnamon, a darker but quite similar tone. Continue reading →

White party collection

It is necessary to recognize that the campaigns of Blanco surpass itself itself season after season. Photos taken care of to the maximum, original styles, supermodels more and more beautiful … but in 50% of the cases, I do not want to be exaggerated, when you find the garment in question, has little to do with what you dreamed. Continue reading →

Duel Of Pockets

They are two of the celebrities of the moment and everything they touch becomes the next day in trend. Both Olivia Palermo and Sienna Miller have proposed to amortize their complements and do not hesitate to repeat bag over and over again. And they have not left a single day at home for months: to go shopping, go to an event or even walk their dog. Continue reading →

The Top Trends for Fashion and Stores for 2017

Things can become a bit more sci-fi than expected for next year as artificial intelligence and sustainable design is being brought to our lives, all inspired by the fashion show, ‘Stranger Things’ from Netflix, And this is one of the most important trends that will be expected next year. With 2017 just a few days away, FashionUnited shares the top trends to come in the next two seasons and those that will define the entire year, all with Edited data. Continue reading →

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