Rock style on the beach here is like wearing black

Rock style on the beach here is like wearing black
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The style of rock is not just a fad, it’s a way of life here is how to wear it on the beach as we think of Fashion Blog.

Skull Candy headphones and Penny wise in the head here is how the day begins with a veritable rock girl living this trend as a real philosophy of life. Because the rock’n’roll is not just fashion, it is not only the trend of the moment it is a lifestyle, a way of acting very precise. And then, because giving up his personality just because summer black is taboo?

Rock style on the beach here is like wearing black
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From this year, thumbs-up to the black worn at the beach, even in beachwear. Costumes, hats and sarongs in total black look for a groupie eighties.

Both bikini swimsuits, both casual and chic for a pool party the important thing is that they are elegant and not excessive decorations and transparencies. Rock yes, but not vulgar.

The secret is to dampen the dark costume with accessories and jewelry lighter, but of character: silver chains, rings style ethnic bags and dark but bright. Rely on elements that complement the look without weighing it down, because let’s be honest, the black beach attracts attention already.

But do not think that only black is from winter girl even the navy makes her look good. Wear it with a straw hat Fabulous Fifties and dark accessories to create a little ‘of contrast.




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