Scarlett, Mango and Spring

Scarlett, Mango and Spring
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Yesterday Mango sent us an email to inform us that it was launching a new web … And after several failed attempts to take a look, the only thing I have been able to rescue are the images of the campaign spring-summer 2017.

The expected images of the parade take a lot to load and navigate through them is a bit dizzy, although it is true that as the day goes by, things are improving … I do not know if these things will be solved little by little, so in the meantime We are with the images of Scarlett and the proposals of Mango for this season…

Scarlett, Mango and SpringProposals so interesting that I already have several items in my wish list, how hard is spring!!! It’s all so beautiful!!!

Since I saw this dress in the parade I decided it had to be mine, so day yes, day I also went to Mango shop to see if it is already for sale! Is not it ideal?

Scarlett, Mango and SpringThis monkey is another of the needs that have arisen … In the photo is beautiful, we will see if in real life it is possible! The cardigan is also very nice although maybe the “tack time” is starting to saturate me.

Scarlett, Mango and SpringCowgirl shirt … It seems they insist again with this garment. I bought mine this summer and the truth is that I did not wear much either, this season I have another chance…

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