Sunny Sunday, Lady Look

Sunny Sunday, Lady Look
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Hi girls!! How are you?? How is the week going? It seems that the polar cold begins to leave us, and I’m hoping, just to think that I take off my coat and boots I draw a smile in the mouth, and that’s what happened to me last Sunday, which made a very good temperature, and I took off my coat fat, and finally, I released this Uterqüe blazer that gave me for my birthday, which the truth holds more than I thought, but not to wear at 8 o’clock.

I say in the title ‘lady look’ because I remember my father, who loves when I wear this type of shoes with jeans and blazer, says that I’m arranged like a miss lol, valeee girls I’m sick and tired of wearing Christmas without going down to home … and finally the coming weekend.

Take a time not go shopping, shopping … so this weekend will give me a little walk to see what I find, I imagine it’ll fall in color ‘mint’, or green color post the other day Elha, I love! And you?Sunny Sunday, Lady LookSunny Sunday, Lady LookSunny Sunday, Lady Look

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