Female Cardigan For The Spring Season

Cardigan is one of the necessary basic things of women’s wardrobe. Female cardigan came into fashion in the early 60-ies of the XIX century, he looked like a loose jacket, which fashionable women adorned with a brooch or light scarves. The modern cardigan has a free, not fitted style, having different lengths, depending on the height and shape. Cardigan is very comfortable, the practical thing in women’s wardrobe, it is easy to combine with other wardrobe items. Continue reading →

Some Tips For Choosing A Summer Hat

The summer season is gradually gaining momentum. Sunshine, hot days have come, and it’s time to think about protecting the skin of the face, head, hair and this will help the female summer hat. It is difficult to find a wardrobe of any fashion, in which there would not be this fashionable, stylish accessory. Many representatives of the fair sex mistakenly think that they do not fit a hat. This belief is mistaken, a female summer hat can be chosen for any type of person. Correctly selected summer hat will emphasize the shape of the face, it will be successfully combined with clothing, emphasize the style and will not stand out from the image. Continue reading →