A Selection Of Dresses For Graduation In Kindergarten

Graduation in kindergarten – a particularly important event, leaving behind the most unforgettable childhood memories. This holiday becomes a bright end of the carefree time spent in the kindergarten, and the beginning of a completely new stage, in which the child must enter with the right emotions. And for this, not only the organization of the holiday itself is important, but also the preparation of a children’s dress for a girl preparing for significant event graduation in kindergarten. Continue reading →

Sarah Jessica Parker returned to pick the most spectacular dress for Ballet Gala in New York

We know that Sarah Jessica Parker is Carrie Bradshaw, and normal life certainly do not dress like her. But then comes a red carpet and your choice of dresses so spectacular get all we stay with her mouth open. The green dress with rhinestones and transparencies that Sarah Jessica Parker wore last night is very similar to a recently chose Elie Saab for a Broadway opening . Continue reading →