Bomber Jacket In The Female Wardrobe

Year by year, street fashion is becoming increasingly relevant direction for designers in the global fashion industry. This is largely due to comfort, which women want to feel today not only while walking with friends but also on a journey, on a romantic date, at work, etc. Women’s bomber jacket – clothes in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Her laconic design, original cut, flawless fit are able to focus on the merits, turning every girl into a confident, sexy and spectacular person. This jacket will allow you to feel comfortable, free and easy to move, to feel absolute comfort, but at the same time look perfect. We propose to consider the features, photos of the main trends of 2019, many of which can adopt the most sophisticated women of fashion. Continue reading →

Smart Casual Style For Women In Summer 2019

Homeland style smart casual, which appeared as a fashionable phenomenon in the middle of the last century, was Italy. It is a cross between a familiar, everyday casual style and office chic. More specifically, smart casual style for women combines an office dress code, comfortable daily life, and elegant luxury. The style has no clear boundaries, but it presupposes the presence in the women’s wardrobe of high-quality, practical, as comfortable as possible things that perfectly fit the figure, giving their hostesses refinement and refinement without excessive sexuality. Continue reading →

Wide Trousers In Women’s Wardrobe

Recently, we are all so accustomed to skinny, skinny trousers and jeans, that we began to forget about the timeless classics – trousers of wide cut. They are quite diverse: these are flared models in the well-known “hippie” style, options with low and high waist (the first option is for the Oriental style, and the second is for the romantic retro), strict pants for office suits, skirts and much another (one of the successful examples of such trousers you will see in the photo below). How to wear wide trousers – let’s talk in this article. Continue reading →

What To Wear With A Classic Beige Trench Coat?

The first model of the beige trench coat was created specifically for the military, the soldiers of the first world. Both women and men should thank the founder of the fashion house Burberry for this versatile clothing. Classic trench coats, which the brand produces to this day, are made of thick, water-resistant gabardine, and have characteristic design features: double-breasted style, slightly fitted cut, slot for easy movement, a yoke on the back and chest that protects from the wind, shoulder straps , roomy pockets, belt with a buckle. Continue reading →

Vivetta, The New Talent Launched By Armani

Vivetta shows a new side of the bon-ton, the ironic …

Unique style, the right amount of retro references and a source of inspiration as irreverent as Elsa Schiaparelli, are the elements that characterize the style of Vivetta Bridges. After Stella Jean, Armani, the king of fashion, has an eye for another talent on the rise. Since 2008, in fact, after working for Roberto Cavalli and wisely learned all the techniques on embroidery, Vivetta launches its brand that is characterized by contrasts of style present in the leaders, who yes the nostalgic flavor of the fifties, but reveal contemporary, ironic, etiquette, feminine and fabulous. Continue reading →

Fashion Hairstylist is usually Self-Employed

The fashion industry has always been mobile due to photo shoots, fashion expositions and seasonal shows by known designers. The duties of fashion hairstylists might take them to a movie set for duration of a film shooting or to a cover shoot for a magazine and then to ply their beauty trades for a high end extravagant wedding. Fashion hairstylist duties may include changing a model’s hair style several times in one photo shoot. Stylists can own their own salon but most of the fashion hairstylist’s work is performed at other locations throughout any given gig. Continue reading →