Fashionable Manicure In The Wild

What woman does not dream of beautiful and well-groomed hands? The beauty of the hands does not depend on the shape of the fingers or on the size. Most often when meeting in the eye rushes a neat form of nails, cleanliness, and softness of the hands. Not all girls have time to go to the master of the manicure. However, today you can make a beautiful manicure with an interesting design and at home. Continue reading →

How to Be Fashionable on a Budget in College

The starving college student is more than just a stereotype.  While most students aren’t literally starving, many are on a tight budget.  It’s no wonder when class schedules and limited education and experience relegate even working students to minimum wage jobs and part-time hours.  If you’re lucky, you have student loans, scholarships, and some money from mom and dad to help out, but sticking to a budget may still be a way of life.  Continue reading →