How To Knit A Norwegian Sweater?

With the arrival of autumn and cool weather, I often want to wear something warmer. But it is not necessary to wrap up in shapeless stretched sweaters and tunics – you can stand out from the gray crowd in any weather, you just need to have a warm sweater with a bright Norwegian pattern in your wardrobe. Multicolored and catchy ornaments that adorn sweaters and jackets give a great mood and charge positive not only the owner but also his surroundings. With the onset of cold weather, you should definitely think about purchasing warming clothes. And the best solution to this issue is to buy a warm and at the same time fashionable Norwegian sweater. On the shelves of shops and fashion boutiques, you can often find models of this warm clothing, but they are all almost of the same type, and there can be no confidence in the quality of the material from which the sweater is made. To avoid uncomfortable moments, you can independently knit the Norwegian model. Continue reading →