The Best Dressed Of The Oscars

The Best Dressed Of The Oscars
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I think we all exclaimed the same thing when seeing this morning at the first hour the images of the Oscar gala: what a disappointment! For years now there had been no gala so boring in terms of styling: Thousands of black dresses with no grace at all, red as the only color note, asymmetric necklines in almost clonal dresses, a lot of unkempt hair and unfortunate makeup…

I had planned to make a ranking with the best dresses, but I quickly realized that it was almost impossible mission. What has caught my attention is that the best designs have not led either the nominated actresses or even those who delivered the awards. Actresses from North American series for years, such as “Felicity” or “Ally McBeal”, or the companions of famous actors, such as Forest Withaker woman, have given a lesson in style to others more experienced in the art of stepping on the red carpet.

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The Best Dressed Of The Oscars

  1. Keisha Whitaker: She is a real stranger and if it had not been for her husband’s invitation, no one would have remembered her. In spite of this, no one can deny that she was wearing a dress of those who cut their breath and also it sat like a glove. Her beautiful skin color, as well as her hairstyle and make-up, make it the Honor Roll of this year’s Oscars.The Best Dressed Of The Oscars
  2. Keri Russell: With that picture many will not remember who this actress. However if I refresh your memory and tell you that she is the protagonist of Felicity or who has participated in the third installment of Mission Impossible, sure that many remember. This girl with long curly mane chose one of the sweetest dresses and flattering of the gala. Nina Ricci signs this delicate design that feels so good.The Best Dressed Of The Oscars
  3. Adrienne Frantz: The real stranger of the night. I could not even hear his face or find out why he was at the gala. However he has managed to have many look at her in that impressive dress cut mermaid and rhinestones. Surely you will get something good out of this wise choice.The Best Dressed Of The Oscars
  4. Calista Flockhart : You’ll all remember her for her role as a neurotic lawyer in the Ally McBeal series. I have to admit that without being a beauty this woman has managed to find her style over the years. It may help to wake up next to Harrison Ford every morning. This vintage Valentino dress in aquamarine color was an authentic jewel. The best Greek court dress I’ve seen in months.


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