The Crisis Has Not Reached Our Closet

The Crisis Has Not Reached Our Closet
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Blanco’s website is up to date! They are always the first to put the rebates and also they are in a great hurry to put on the spring clothes. Although Blanco is the shop of the extremes, live dresses utraceñidos of fuchsia leopard with blouses of the good girl, this year the advance is quite moderated.

It may have something to do with this trend with prestigious international top model Jessica Stam being the new image of the spring-summer campaign. Cover of the magazines Vogue or Elle, campaigns for the firms Miu Miu, D & G, Prada, Versace, Armani or Dior have become a star of the catwalks. Although only 21 years old the designer Marc Jacobs dedicated a few years ago a bag that bears the name of “Stam”. Curious, very curious when White has been cloning that design several seasons.

The Crisis Has Not Reached Our Closet

Returning to the spring-summer collection the yellow, fuchsia and red are the protagonists of the season and the already classic clones of the Birkin model and the Motorcycle become more daring than ever. I invite you to a walk in the White universe!

Trench spring for only 29.90 dollars. Red, pink, beige, black and white. With that price can be taken two by two, beige to combine with everything and red for more neutral looks.

The Crisis Has Not Reached Our Closet

Although the jacket and top are not suitable for discreet girls, well-combined fuchsia particles can become the essential jeans of spring. Combine them with only black or chocolate brown so as not to rob them of prominence.

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 T-shirt or dress? With black pillows for the day or only with stockings for the night. The Beautiful gradient in acidic tones.

The Crisis Has Not Reached Our Closet

Black mini dress with white feathers. With thick black stockings, you can wear it before spring really arrives. Do not forget the yellow wallet!


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