The Nail In The Skin Is Renewed Again

The Nail In The Skin Is Renewed Again
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The nail timeless must-have, is renewed again for spring 2015

Icon indisputable, must have of all generations, the nail appears to be the most popular leader also for spring summer 2015, transformed once again, returns undaunted on the catwalks and in street style.


The Nail In The Skin Is Renewed Again
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Colorful, more than ever, intractability black colors pastel, the stronger tones like fuchsia and red, the nail proves essential to complete the look of this spring, from the most elegant to casual, it’s easy to match it to any look.

New transformations await this head, which seems to be back to its origins in shaping, but totally changes color and is enriched with patch and direct messages such as Chiara Ferragni, who sports his motto printed directly on the nail or tattooed on the skin , a heart giant with his name inside that does so much old style.

It contaminates and mixes with the gold and silver, is decorated by precious stones and studs, become eco friendly using the imitation leather, all without losing importance. Valencia transforms him by giving him a romantic soul, dyed in pastel nuances softens in pink more subtle, but just add fringe adorning the sleeves, and here he is riding the wave of rebellious freedom proposed by Balmain.

The Nail In The Skin Is Renewed Again
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Moschino entirely distorts the version Barbie girls, cheeky, short, seductive, frivolous, the mood becomes nail total look, complete with skirt and purse strictly in theme and form biker.

Alexander McQueen leads to a minimum nail shaping, stripping it of all excess proposes a more sober, enhanced by circular designs represented symbols pop and Japanese culture, perfect union also created the only accessory: the zip long.

Designed by Irving Schott for the world of motorcycle and called perfecto from the name of his favorite cigar and there is no name more just than this to define an item of clothing that persists over the years, the nail went through the ages without stopping and stand aside.

Since its invention, the nail becomes synonymous with rebellion, adopted by the biggest youth movements that make this icon of an era.

The American bikers were the first he take it, giving the nail synonymous with rebellion, hardness and freedom, adjectives sewn on this head to this day and, because of this, it was used by youth movements born in the decade of rock and roll as the Greaser, the Rockabilly and Rocker.

Then the stars of film and music, those defined as “rebels”, wore the nail. He was at once the symbol of Hollywood stars, those at the head of a generation unconventional, undisciplined, that does not follow the rules.

The Nail In The Skin Is Renewed Again
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A little later in the ’60s with the movement hippies softens, loses its hardness due to suede, soft leather, is enriched with fringes and floral patterns.

But the soul of the nail is the rebellion and returns more irreverent than ever with black leather, zippers, safety pins, giving this piece a new location, the punk, and once again is the symbol of a generation: that of followers of the Ramones and the Sex Pistols.

After the 80 takes a radical change, thanks to pop stars who wear it in their videos, the nail will no longer be seen as a symbol of cultural belonging, but will definitely be part of fashion as versatile and practical piece of clothing used up to the present day.

The nail, worn on any look, is the leader par excellence that you do not do without, even in this season.


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