The perfect wedding dress for those with little breasts

The perfect wedding dress for those with little breasts
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Every time you have to put on your costume is a drama why can’t you ever fill your bra? On your wedding day, small breasts will no longer be a problem if you choose the right model of wedding dress that fits your silhouette: whether it’s a short wedding dress or a fairy-tale princess dress, everything is played at the bodice. Free the décolleté with a beautiful bridal hairstyle … often even a small defect can become a strong point!

V-neck dressThe perfect wedding dress for those with little breasts

The small breast has an advantage that is often forgotten: it does not require a bra. This will allow you to wear a beautiful simple wedding dress, with an important V-neck that enhances it. In this way, you will be very sensual, without appearing vulgar and without worrying about wearing flesh-colored bras or transparent straps. If you have small breasts, prefer clothes made of soft fabrics that rest naturally on the skin: this will avoid creating defects due to models that are too rigid that you cannot “fill”.

Empire style dress

A perfect example of what is said above is an empire style wedding dress, a model that gives its best on the skinny girls, as it enhances the line. This type of dress has a high waist and a soft skirt, never swollen. You can find pleated and V-necked models with different openings … choose the one that best suits your personal breast shape.

Sweetheart neckline dressThe perfect wedding dress for those with little breasts

Even the sweetheart neckline could be a great choice for your dress. This shape of the bodice is recommended for women who have small but not too large breasts, perfect for those who wear the second size but not for those who already present sinuous forms of nature, which do not need the push-up effect it gives.

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Lace dress

Lace, like other embroideries such as ruffles and feathers, helps to increase the volumes of the shapes on which it adheres gently. A lace wedding dress with embroidery on the breast that extends from the bodice to the bare skin will create a delicate effect of transition between the fabric and the decollete of the bride, enhancing even the most contained breasts.

Halter neck dressThe perfect wedding dress for those with little breasts

If you don’t want to show off your décolleté and prefer to enhance other parts of your body, then the halter neckline is the one for you. It is a lacing of the dress around the neck, which can include a deep but very narrow neckline in the middle of the breasts , or a total coverage on the front, with side openings under the arms that allow the breast to be seen (this model is also perfect to wear without a bra and is ideal for small shapes).

One-shoulder dress

The one-shoulder dresses never go out of fashion: you can find beautiful models even among the vintage wedding dresses. It is an original solution, which diverts attention from your specific shapes, to project it on the general style of your outfit. This can make you feel safer if having small breasts creates you some embarrassment and, in any case, know that such necklines wrap around your chest in a way that creates the illusion of an extra size!

Have you imagined what your long-awaited white dress will look like? Very well. All you have to do is think about the bridal shoes you want to pair with. And if in reality the dress will not be totally white but will have some colorful detail … even better! It will be fun to find the elegant women ‘s shoes of the ideal shade for a truly unique effect.

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