The straw hat not only at the beach

The straw hat not only at the beach
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Style casual to extravagant: match the straw hat is simple, Not just an accessory to wear at the beach for sun protection: the straw hat is back to being the star of the catwalks, to wear even in cities throughout the warm season. Disappeared for a few years from the catwalk of the leading designers, it returns powerfully: spectacular and noteworthy hats oversize Chalayan and Karen Walker.

The straw hat not only at the beach
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 If the pairing easier for the straw hat is obviously a nice bikini, do not forget that you can wear for a walk out from the shores without sounding too chicks from the beach.

Just match your wide-brimmed hat, indeed overwhelming, the so-called floppy hat, a long dress and flowing, very light colors or fancy sailor stripes. If you are near the sea, do not be afraid to dare and treat yourself to a long dress with slits and transparency in some more.

For a glamorous look for the hat just prefer dark colors, like black, dark green or burgundy and match a fluffy dress or a sheath dress.

Then there are the boater hat straw hats from the dome straight and flat, surrounded by a ribbon and with groundwater circular, stiff and short. Are the real stars of the season spring summer 2015. Ideal for a stroll or a picnic, immediately give a fresh and perky.

In short, the style casual to extravagant, the straw hat can be combined with a bib or soft dresses and long: the buzzword is creativity. Play with accessories in this case it is a must to create truly unique look. Here you can find more tips like this article.


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