The striped protagonist of summer 2015

The striped protagonist of summer 2015
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Whether horizontal, vertical or horizontal lines in total striped, or juxtaposed with the most diverse fantasies, are the must-have look of summer 2015.

The striped protagonist of summer 2015
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That is transverse, horizontal, large or small, the striped outfit was propelled into the summer. Always call the sun, the sea and the beach, as the lines that pervade the whole environment of the summer, in fact, the inspiration of the earliest pioneers of this trend it was taken from this style of seaside resorts beginning century.

Dress The trend striped depopulated from the catwalks of the ready-to-wear to the most famous brand low cost. Versatile, they can be both elegant and sporty, lively and rigorous etiquette and funny, turn out the mat to show off both day and night, even by simply changing the accessories. The proposals of the stylists are varied and go from strict black and white, to multicolor, contamination of the line with the most diverse fantasies, creating a play of contrasts fresh and lively like that because of the ability to be worn easily.

Emporio Armani proposes lines in the maxi version sporty chic, elegant sports, including shades of bright blue and white, intersect perfectly crop top, baggy pants, blouses, skirts and suits, all rigorously worn with sneakers, giving a touch and easy rock fabrics and materials much more classic, is the best known symbol of the versatility of the striped pattern.

Black and white. The striped par excellence is black and white, loved and hated for his lack of versatility in being carried with ease, this year is put on line by many designers offering micro lines and finally dissolve the effect drive the fancy two-tone. Altuzarra proposes a reduced chemises have a minimum with micro vertical lines that streamline the silhouette even more. As the sheath with asymmetrical lines that intersect to form geometric patterns designed to wrap the body. Rock and aggressive version of Givenchy, which uses lightweight fabrics that create sensual effects boo, then become bon ton version of I’M Isola Marras with maxi horizontal lines, thus acquiring an allure all French.Dress

Multicolor is lined that brings fun, combined with one or more color line turns into a rainbow, striped in total or combined with solid, is the most sought after combination for the summer, because of its liveliness and multitude of colors. DKNY draws lines in bright colors, modern and bold, Tommy Hilfige r is a blast from the past and focuses on style with sixteen micro lines. Another blast from the past with Olympia Le Tan armed with that straw hat as the lines with references to men’s clothes from the early 900. Soft colors interrupted the stronger black for Temperley London, which blends the elegance of light fabrics with the sportiness of sneakers on the catwalk, but potrebboro be worn with a heel 12 for a look mat from morning to night. Vivienne Westwood is inspired by the 50s with a mood to Brigitte Bardot, with t-shirt and

striped skirt easy and glamorous. Chanel proposes the knit fabric stripes, while Louis Vuitton uses skin and strong colors to reinterpret in modern lines, in a mini dress nostalgic flavor.Dress

Mix & match for the lines that are contaminated with fantasies disparate merging the various trends of the summer, like Dolce & Gabbana that combines a tight skirt transparent strewn with red roses. DKNY merges with various geometric shapes, continuing visually the game of contrasts lines and shapes, which perfectly blends in with this trend, and lightens the effect of stripes on the body.

Whether bicolor or juxtaposed to different reasons, the striped, thanks to trends for men summer 2015, is cleared in versions easy and glamorous to wear in any occasion.


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