Top 5 Hat Etiquette Tips For Fashionistas

Top 5 Hat Etiquette Tips For Fashionistas
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Wearing hats is a great way to make a unique fashion statement. Hats come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs to appropriately compliment your outfit. Hats are a fun way to accessorize what you’re wearing in coordination with jewelry and other pieces. In addition, hats also serve practical purposes and can protect you in the rain, shade you from the strong rays of the sun, or even keep you head and ears warm on a chilly, windy winter day. While hats are great, if you are going to wear them, you need to know how to do so properly and respectfully. Here are the top 5 hat etiquette tips for fashionistas.

Hat Etiquette Tips

Top 5 Hat Etiquette Tips for Fashionistas
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Take your hat off when dining at a restaurant, another person’s house or even at your own kitchen table. Any time you are sitting down to eat a meal, it is essential and polite for you to remove your hat before being seated and especially before eating any food or having anything to drink. You should always take your hat off for events such as a gala, luncheon, wedding, garden party or other dining event that you are attending.

It is also customary to remove your hat when you hear the national anthem of any country. Often the anthem is played before a sporting game or a similar event. It is also necessary to take off your hat anytime a flag is raised. Flags are often raised as a tradition during funeral processions, parades and government events. This is a sign of respect and it pays tribute to that country and the solemnness of a certain event like a funeral where you are honoring the memory of an important, beloved person.

Take off your hat when you go inside. If you are in your own home or if you are out visiting a friend’s residence, you may want to leave a fashion hat on. However, if it a more formal even take off the hat when you walk in the door as you would a coat or a jacket. This also goes for anytime you are inside a school or place of business. You should take the time to take off your hat when attending any play or performance as a sign of respect toward the performers and directors.

Top 5 Hat Etiquette Tips for Fashionistas
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Never wear your hat in to an interview. This is not professional and is not considered business attire. Keep your outfit classic and sophisticated so that it will be appropriate for the setting. Fashion hats are a bit over the top for this type of setting and would likely seem out of place or unprofessional. This rule also applies anytime you are working in a professional setting like a conference room, office building or at a symposium.

Finally, be aware when you are wearing a hat. You should always be conscious to remove your hat if you ever think you could be obstructing the view of someone behind you. No matter the setting, be it a concert or a baseball game, you want to be courteous of those around you.

While hats from stores like hats unlimited are a fun, practical and unique way to compliment your outfit, you should be sure to wear them appropriately. These tips apply to both men and women, so keep them in mind when hat shopping for men in your life! Using these tips can help to ensure you follow the correct hat wearing etiquette that all fashionistas should follow!


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