Trendy summer 2015 the turban

Trendy summer 2015 the turban
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The turban is an accessory that can not miss this summer. Fashion blog reveals some secrets on how to wear it?

The turban is back in vogue. Headdress of Oriental origin, used a lot in the 30s and 50s by Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth and Grace Kelly. The turban is the trendy accessory coolest, a different way to style hair and give a new aspect to the whole look. Today, top designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Stella Jean and the fashion dictated by street style, reuse the headscarf.

Trendy summer 2015 the turban
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 Fashion Blog reveals some tips and secrets on how to wear it and match it to the fullest.

The most classic is knotted on top of the head, that’s great for any occasion, whether for the beach, for an evening a bit ‘more chic. Obviously everything depends on the fabrics and colors. We must use patterns and colors a bit ‘more sober for the night and a little fabric’ most wanted as chiffon and silk; while for the day you can indulge with various fantasies.

When you wear the turban is almost always good to let your hair loose, while the knot with American or classic looks great if you have bangs or short hair, for those who have long, however, may opt for a hairstyle collection disorderly manner.

The turban is the ultimate accessory with which to enhance their outfits, from the most basic to the most elegant and casual. The stars often wear it: by Eva Mendes to Lady Gaga, from Dear Delevigne to Vanessa Hudgens, photographed with stoles woven chic knotted in the head. With them also so many girls around the world, from which you copy their look street style.

The models most chic turbans have fantasies delicious and trendy, but especially rich fabrics and colors that stand out. The ethnic patterns have always gone for more but are suitable especially in the summer, to make style look African. Among those who, instead, combine much more easily there are turbans whites and blacks , very minimal, but also models solid.

The plots trend will help you to make your style unique and very cool.

The turban can also be made ??with a scarf, if you do not want to buy beautiful and already done. To do that you have to tie your hair and put the scarf on the head. Take the two extremes and pass them from front to back, the nape. Hold back the final two points and tie them together. You can make a bow or a bun, or simply a classic knot, wearing more comfortable behind or to the side.


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