8 Types of Male Underwear So You Are Always Comfortable

8 Types of Male Underwear So You Are Always Comfortable
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Underwear is the most important outfit of your day. It is the one that covers your intimate areas and protects you from any irritation towards the pants. Wearing it is important, but choosing the type is also important since the chosen one must fit with the activities you will do.

And since there are currently many types of men’s underwear, I will explain some. So you can choose the most comfortable and ideal for you.

Here are some types of Male Underwear

1. UnderpantsTypes of Male Underwear

Let’s start first with the most popular: underpants. Those tight, short, tight garter garments made of cotton. Ideal for young children, and adults who find tight clothing more comfortable.

As an advantage, they make it easier for you to put on your pants, and as they are short and tight, they will prevent them from widening at the crotch. But at a disadvantage, they won’t cover your crotches. So if your crotches are sensitive to the rubbing of your jeans, or you suffer from galling easily, keep that in mind.

It should be noted that there are three styles of underpants. There are the short underpants, which tightly cover your genitals, and specifically protect the lower area of ​​your waist. Ideal to wear with shorts or low waist jeans.

Then follows the mid-rise brief, which is slightly less tight, and completely encircles the waist. This one is more accessible than shorts and works with any of your daily clothes. Whether in your daily clothes or uniform, sportswear, or elegant suits, for an important occasion.

Finally, there are the long johns, which, as the name implies, are the least fitted and the “longest” of the three men’s underpants. It is the one that covers your crotch the most, and it begins a little above the waist, just below the navel and covering the handles of love or floats, in the lower abdomen.

The length is as accessible as the half-height. It can be used with your daily clothing or uniform, sportswear or elegant suits.

There you have three types of underwear for men that are tight but comfortable, to choose and use when you prefer or think necessary.

2. Boxer BriefsTypes of Male Underwear

Now if tight underpants are not your thing and you prefer something in-between then wear a boxer. More specifically, the boxer brief, which is a kind of hybrid between the underpants and the longer boxers.

The slip has the design of an average boxer, but it is almost as tight as a brief since it includes spandex fiber among its components. It is flexible and covers your entire crotch.

Also, the area that covers the genitals is made of thicker cotton fabric. So it provides greater protection to your reproductive organs, but without losing comfort and keeping them stable.

Unlike underpants, the slipcovers from the lower area to the intermediate area of ​​the thighs. They will protect your crotches against the rubbing of the pants, and since they are made of an elastic material, they are ideal for people with large thighs. But make sure they are not too tight in the crotch.

They cover enough, and there’s a proper balance between snug but with comfort and some freedom. Ideal to wear on any occasion, be it with jeans, sports activities, fulfill your routine or even go to the beach.

3. TrunkTypes of Male Underwear

The trunk is similar to boxer shorts or briefs, with the exception that it covers less of your thighs, and that some of its models can be used as bathing suits, thanks to the fact that they have waterproof properties.

Trunks are not as accessible as they are smaller, flatter, and tighter than slips. In addition to that their elastic waistband is relatively less than that of the slip, and they have less spandex fiber. That detracts from the elasticity of the model, but guarantees that it will last longer.

The trunk is ideal for someone skinny and tall, physically fit (but not overly muscular), with thin thighs and moderately broad hips. If you have large thighs, it will be difficult for you to wear a trunk without wrinkling it up as you walk.

This type of underwear has become fashionable recently, and if you fit the above descriptions, you can wear it in almost any situation. Especially when exercising, doing your daily chores or going to the beach and diving into the water.

4. BoxersTypes of Male Underwear

Here I mean those long boxers that we all know. The ones that offer more freedom of movement, are the least tight on the market and cover your entire crotch (reaching almost to the knees).

This model is ideal for large and muscular people, who prefer greater breathability in their private parts. Wearing one of these boxers will definitely give you more freedom of movement, and greater comfort at bedtime.

However, what is gained in freedom is lost in support. Your genitals will not be very tight, and so much space will be somewhat uncomfortable when exercising. Its elastic band around the waist is cotton, and that can be uncomfortable for some people.

I do not advise you to wear them with suit pants or jeans, as they are very loose at the crotches, and will make your pants look curved. Although on the other hand, that ease in the legs is perfect for those who have thick thighs.

If you have thick legs, keep in mind that these boxers will make them appear thicker than they are, as they do not fit your crotch measurements. This may not bother those with stout legs. But if you have slim legs, these wide boxers can give the impression that you have chicken legs.

In conclusion, this is a perfect model for sleeping, going to the beach, or doing less demanding sports activities. Dress them up with some equally loose pants, spend all day in your pajamas at home, or wear shorts.

5. Meshes

Yes. Believe it or not, leggings are used as underwear, for those who do demanding physical activities, and need something adjusted for greater support during exercise.

Tights are characterized by being incredibly tight, even reaching the point of adhering to your skin. But this is not a bad thing, since when they adhere to your muscles, they provide them enough stability during heavy exercises, and protect them from injuries or fractures.

Another advantage of leggings is that they start from the low waist, and do not cover any part of your abdomen. Thanks to that, the muscles of the lower part of your abdomen can be defined as they should during exercise, without the underwear interrupting or ruining its shape.

In short, tights are the perfect sports underwear for gym fans, triathlons or demanding physical training.

6. Thongs

Even today, thongs are an option for many men who tend to wear tight clothes and seek to prevent underwear brands from bulging their jeans.

These garments are characterized by being thin around the waist, leaving your back and buttocks fully exposed, and covering only your genitals in a tight way.

If you wear a thong, you will exhibit more skin than normal. That makes it an ideal option for those who want to get a tan. Also, the fabric that makes up these garments is usually thin, so you won’t have any tan marks when you’re done.

But it should be clarified that thongs can come in two models. The first is the G-String (known as a dental floss thong in several Latin American countries), which is distinguished by the fact that the main fabric that covers the genitals is shorter and tighter, and is supported by a thin rope that goes through your hips.

The other model is the Brazilian or semi-string thongs, which offer a little more coverage over the genitals, and the waist rope is thicker than that of the G-String. However, the differences between these models are subtle, and both qualify for the same activities.

7. Mankini

In case you didn’t know, yes, there is a male version of the bikini. Like its female counterpart, the mankini is slim, slim, and covers only the man’s genitals.

In the mankinis, the main fabric is so tight that it barely covers your genitals, and it is supported by ropes that, instead of going on your hips, go up to the shoulders and down the back, until they rejoin the main fabric.

The mankinis will leave your sword, buttocks, and crotches fully exposed. So just like thongs, they are perfect for men who have no problem displaying more than they should.

8. Jockstraps

Last but not least, the men’s jockstraps. Those garments were worn by American football players and martial arts athletes, which considerably protect the genitals from any injury or severe blow.

The jockstraps have a tight pouch at the front, which provides support and stability to your reproductive organ. The front is supported by ropes, which pass over your buttocks and connect it with the belt.

They are tight at the front, but free and loose at the back. The perfect balance to cover your genitals, without taking away mobility when performing your exercises.

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