Types of wedding dresses

 Types of wedding dresses
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The best way to climb the altar is to do it with the dress of your dreams, here you have a small guide about the best types of wedding dresses, styles, and necklines that are most worn to be perfect in your day.

On your most important day, the preparations come together, and one of the most important aspects is the wedding dress. Finding the dress of your dreams can become a true ordeal. Mermaid cut or princess style is the best known and popular, but there are a lot of styles and cuts that can become your new favorites. In addition, you must take into account which one will fit you best. Therefore, in Abx Designer, we tell you which are the main cuts and styles and which one feels better depending on your anatomy. Do not miss it!

The best types of wedding dresses

Mermaid cut Types of wedding dresses

The mermaid cut is a classic style in the history of wedding dresses. This is the way that most enhances the figure with a bodice adjusted to the hips and flight at the end of the piece. A perfect fashion choice if you want to bet on a touch of femininity without losing the sensuality in your day. This choice is not one of the best for people with many hips or short since it provides an effect of shortening the figure. This cut accepts all types of necklines and you can choose the one that best suits you, although the most common is the sweetheart neckline.

Halter wedding dresstypes of wedding dresses

One of the most fashionable dresses in 2018 is the halter type. This cut is characterized by having a high neck with bare shoulders and back in the air. A more subtle neckline that usually combines transparencies with the lace and neckline you choose; more commonly the heart, as with the mermaid cut. The rest of the suit usually ends with a pompous flight skirt, although you can also finish tightly, all depending on the style you want to wear on your wedding day.

Princess styletypes of wedding dresses

The princess style is one of the most popular and we all dream of when we imagine our wedding. The princess style is characterized by having a particularly voluminous skirt that starts above the waist. This is the perfect choice if you want to be https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/achat-viagra-en-suisse/ a real princess in your fairy tale. The neckline is your choice, you can choose a design with sleeves and transparencies or a classic word of honor. In addition, this cut is perfect for concealing the hips and abdomen.

Greek dresstypes of wedding dresses

Simplicity and elegance are the protagonists of these wedding dresses. They are easily recognizable by their Greek style, as their own name indicates. These pieces are made with light and vaporous fabrics and are usually combined with silver finishes. The characteristic neckline of this suit is the asymmetric one, with a single strip and the heart-shaped neckline, or with a classic double strip. The skirt shot is usually empire cut, that is, with a little flight but not excessive. It is a style that fits with many kinds of body and the simplest of all designs.

Cinderella typetypes of wedding dresses

The cinderella type dress is one of those inspired by the princess cut and, therefore, one of the most feminine wedding dresses. The piece has a tight bodice and a pompous skirt with a lot of layers of fabric, rather than those of its predecessor. As for the fabric, the tulle is usually the one chosen in these skirts in a large number of designs. The rhinestones are another feature of this dress, adding an effect that allows the bride to shine like Cinderella in her perfect ending. The cinderella type favors all bodies regardless of curves or height.

Diamond shape dress

The rhinestones bring a touch of luminosity that will make the bride shine. The rhinestones provide a touch of luminosity that will make the bride shine [/ cimg] The diamond-shaped dress is one of the most fashionable designs currently. This choice is characterized by having the hips wider than the chest and shoulders so that it defines the waist and delineates the legs and arms. A perfect choice for people who have a lot of hips and still look for a dress that enhances their figure. The necklines are varied, from the word of honor to the sweetheart neckline or a sleeved design that blends the transparencies with the lace in the best way.

Straight cuttypes of wedding dresses

The straight cut is very similar to the mermaid cut. The only difference is that it does not end in a small flight, but the entire design is completely straight, as the name implies. This dress is ideal if what you want is to enhance the curves and with it, you will be especially sexy. The fabrics with which this type of design is made are varied, from satin to fine tulle or lace. For tall people, it is a great choice since it stylizes the figure to the maximum thanks to the effect that lengthens the body. With the straight cut dress, you can choose any type of neckline, they all look good with this design.

Pantsuittypes of wedding dresses

Not everything is dressed, a pantsuit is an option that is increasingly fashionable to break with the traditional and set a trend on your wedding day. The designs are varied, from a two-piece to a body or a flight top with palazzo style pants. Tulle, silk, and organza are usually the most used materials for this type of design, combining them with classic lace or frills. A choice that you should not lose sight of, given that it is positioned as another of the designs that best suits any type of body.

Short wedding dresstypes of wedding dresses

The short wedding dress, although not as popular, is one of the classics next to the princess style. Elegance is not measured in the amount of fabric, and therefore a short design that blends transparencies with lace may be the best choice for your wedding. All types of cleavage are worn with this dress that has never gone out of style. With the pompous or straight-cut skirt, you can find in the short wedding dresses the best design for your big day.


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