Bomber Jacket In The Female Wardrobe

Bomber Jacket In The Female Wardrobe
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Year by year, street fashion is becoming increasingly relevant direction for designers in the global fashion industry. This is largely due to comfort, which women want to feel today not only while walking with friends but also on a journey, on a romantic date, at work, etc. Women’s bomber jacket – clothes in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Her laconic design, original cut, flawless fit are able to focus on the merits, turning every girl into a confident, sexy and spectacular person. This jacket will allow you to feel comfortable, free and easy to move, to feel absolute comfort, but at the same time look perfect. We propose to consider the features, photos of the main trends of 2019, many of which can adopt the most sophisticated women of fashion.

Bomber Jacket In The Female Wardrobe

Must have of the coming year: a bomber jacket for women

The uniqueness of the clothes is that the models of such a silhouette look equally harmoniously on ladies of different ages, of any stature. It is only important to correctly form the image. How to wear a bomber jacket? What is the best way to combine it and which shoes to choose? Of course, it is fundamentally different from the model that was popular almost a hundred years ago, when the bombers were outfits for the US Air Force bomber pilots. Today, only a few details remained of the original version: voluminous shoulders, elastic inserts at the waist and cuffs, and a high collar stand. Designers create such products from a variety of materials:

  • mixed fabrics;
  • cashmere;
  • cotton;
  • satin and silk;
  • skin;
  • suede;
  • nylon;
  • leatherette;
  • denim fabric.

Bombers come in various shades and lengths, with buttons and zippers, with or without decor. For decoration, fashion designers use glitter, embroidery, fringe, beads, rivets, spikes, lace inserts. The only thing that has remained unchanged for a long time is a special barrel-shaped silhouette, a narrow collar-elastic band, and knitted cuffs. A huge number of options allow you to create non-trivial outfits with skirts, with chinos, with classic pants, with trouser overalls, with dresses and skinny trousers from denim.

Bomber Jacket In The Female Wardrobe


The most successful combinations: photo

Bombers are not only sporting but also romantic style. An extravagant model of silk, satin with bright floral patterns or spectacular graphic prints with sweatpants cannot be worn. At the same time, they look breathtakingly with pleated skirts and plain boats.

With denim

Owners of slender legs can afford to wear a jacket with a cropped denim skirt. A stylish combination: a white T-shirt, mini-skirt, a sporty-looking bomber jacket and tennis shoes. You can choose the bottom in the form of a trapezoid on the buttons, a black jersey, dark Chelsea boots and a bomber jacket on the buttons. A compact handbag over the shoulder or bag-bag, massive jewelry, glasses, large watches – and you are the star of street style! A no less stylish ensemble can be obtained by wearing a black denim mini-skirt, a white-boiled T-shirt and a neutral (milky, powdery) shade made from leather or thin knitwear bomber jacket. Will add the look of shoes in an informal style and a light handbag.

Bomber Jacket In The Female Wardrobe

Pencil skirt

You can even combine a bomber jacket with traditional things of an office wardrobe (white shirt or blouse, dark pencil skirt, beige or black boats). To outerwear look appropriate, it is necessary to give preference to the model with buttons instead of a zipper and with a checkered print. In such a look, a bright scarf, a colorful shade of a backpack or a hobo bag can become an expressive color accent. The image is less strict, but still quite suitable for the office.

Bomber Jacket In The Female Wardrobe

With pleated skirt

Trendsetters suggest boldly combining the opposite of style. Such, for example, as a pleated skirt lavender hue and a khaki bomber jacket. The key rule in an outfit with bold styles and color combinations is to create a balance between closed and open areas of the body. Therefore, deep neckline and mini are not desirable. If you skillfully pick up textures and colors, this jacket will help create a feminine romantic look. For example, a satin silver bomber jacket blends well with an elongated pleated skirt of a gold hue.

Successfully complete the image of a classic boat in the tone of a jacket and a handbag in the tone of a skirt. Under the bomber jacket is to wear a neutral color shirt or T-shirt, which will not distract attention. A color emphasis on lips or eyes with make-up. Such look and look equally harmoniously on young ladies and women of elegant age.

Bomber Jacket In The Female Wardrobe

With a woolen skirt or sundress

Anyone to whom classic clothing seems conservative and boring will surely like the version with a bomber jacket for early spring: a woolen sundress, long sleeve, thick tights, Chelsea or ankle boots. Similar images prove that casual wear of an informal style can be not only practical but also truly elegant and feminine. Thanks to the bomber, you can look elegant and respectable in any situation, but at the same time do not spend huge amounts of money on updating your wardrobe. Outfit with monophonic things suitable for the office, colorful prints, and shades – for walking.

Bomber Jacket In The Female Wardrobe

With fluffy light skirts

Satin models are ideally combined with airy skirts of a medium length of flowing fabrics. In this case, you should look at the jacket on the figure, so as not to create excess volume from above. Wear a fitted jumper or T-shirt under the bomber jacket. If you prefer enough puffy skirts, choose models with clear vertical elements: they visually lengthen the legs and stretch the silhouette. Thin heels and a clutch successfully complement this elegant look.

Bomber Jacket In The Female Wardrobe

Finishing touches

In cool weather, the most winning addition to this model will be boots and high lace-up boots. With a leather bomber jacket, you can shovel loafers or cowboy boots. But sneakers, moccasins in sports style should be excluded. Revive; give personality to the appearance of the original knitted scarf, shawl, suitable for tonality. A trendy postman bag over the shoulder will complement the look. And even the most concise set will not interfere with spectacular sunglasses. The original design and varied color palette of the jacket are designed for the most demanding women who value elegance and harmony, prefer non-ordinary solutions, strive to create their own whole face!