Cycling Shorts – Trend Season Spring-Summer 2019

Cycling Shorts – Trend Season Spring-Summer 2019
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Tight-fitting cycling shorts are one of the most controversial and at the same time fascinating trends of the summer of 2019. Just a couple of seasons ago, such shorts seemed rather ambiguous and were used exclusively for sports, but today fashionable women and Hollywood divas, who deserve to be fashionable, flaunt in short shorts. Experts of the planet. Stylish sets with bicycles flash on the catwalks and in glossy magazines, Instagrams of stars and fashion designers are full of them … Let’s see what to do with knee-length sexy shorts in everyday life to look attractive and appropriate.

Cycling Shorts - Trend Season Spring-Summer 2019

The right choice of bicycles – a pledge of a harmonious image

The first thing to do is to choose the right bicycles, taking into account the features of your own figure. Tight fitting and thin fabric underline all bends, so cycling shorts are considered one of the sexiest summer outfits. At the same time, in such clothes, even small rough edges of the silhouette become noticeable, which are easily hidden under more free breeches or airy summer sundresses. However, even with imperfect hips, you should not abandon bicycles – with the right selection and successful combination with other things, you can easily smooth out small defects:

  • Female bicycles of dark tones, on the one hand, slender wide hips, and on the other hand, visually shorten and “cut” the legs. Therefore, low-fat young ladies should choose other shades or combine black shorts with stiletto sandals. Well, long-legged beauties can safely replenish the wardrobe with such products, regardless of the width of the hips – anyway, the figure in them will seem slim and taut.
  • Bright neon shades fit brave girls, ready to experiment. In the summer of 2019 hot pink, purple, yellow and deep blue tones are relevant, which are sure to attract attention. If you are not ready for this yet or do not want to make bicycles a key element of the image, choose products of more neutral tones.

Cycling Shorts - Trend Season Spring-Summer 2019

  • Be especially careful when choosing beige, dairy or white bikes – combined with a thin fabric, they stick out all the flaws of the hips. If you want to diversify your wardrobe with just such tones, take a closer look at the shorts of a denser fabric that “aligns” the silhouette’s micro-relief.
  • Focus on the weather and time of day. For an evening look fit bicycles rich burgundy or deep blue hue – they look expensive and elegant, especially in combination with elongated blouses free, heeled shoes and massive accessories. Any variants are suitable for everyday bow, but on an overcast day it is better to avoid too light and bright products – shorts of a protective or mustard tone would be an ideal option.
  • Skin color is another important criterion when choosing a bike. Dark-haired young ladies can use any shades, and light-skinned girls who have not yet managed to catch the sunbathing should avoid the cold range.
  • Trendy prints are another way to hide figure flaws. Horizontal stripes will make your legs visually longer, and your hips slimmer. Fashionable in 2019 cell is also suitable for lush girls, especially in combination with a single-tone contrast top.

Cycling Shorts - Trend Season Spring-Summer 2019

What to wear with cycling shorts: photos and ideas

Fashion 2019 allows you to experiment by mixing different styles, so cycling can be put on not only for a daily walk – with the right combination, such shorts will be appropriate at even a high society party and a bohemian party. What are the best bows?

With shirt

Loose shirts are probably one of the best options to complement a biker look. They look fresh and summer-like, make you feel free and at ease. You can tie the ends at the waist or just above the navel – it focuses on taut buttocks. And if you want to hide wide hips, you should look at oversize models or typical men’s shirts with a straight cut.

For bright or printed shorts, it is better to select plain shirts of neutral colors – white, light beige, nude or pastel. Dark bicycles leave more room for “maneuvers” – even extravagant leopard and floral blouses look good with them. Several accessories, a laconic handbag, sandals with a small heel or without it – and you are a trendsetter in 2019!

With jacket

At first glance, these things seem completely incompatible, but practice shows that this is not so. Long jackets and classic blazers are in perfect harmony with matte cycling shorts, especially if you add heavy accessories and high heels to them. Thus, you can dilute the overly fitting cut, mask the imperfect waist or hips.

A jacket can be worn a loose top over the top or T-shirt, fasten with a few buttons or tie a wide belt – any option has the right to exist. The main thing is that the chosen model was initially free and exactly sat on the shoulders.

Cycling Shorts - Trend Season Spring-Summer 2019

Cycling shorts with sporty tops and t-shirts

Such an option is a classic of the genre of street and everyday styles. In combination with elongated T-shirts and T-shirts, bicycles look stylish and unbanal, emphasize the charms of the figure and are absolutely not striking. And if you want to give a hint of sexy brightness to the image, you can complement the shorts with a short top in a rich color – this will make the waist look advantageous.

You can choose any shoes and accessories for such a set – light sneakers and massive sneakers, denim slippers and sandals will look equally good. The only exception is the classic studs and heels – they are not suitable for sports bow. And instead of a handbag, you can take a fashionable backpack or a model for a belt.

With hoodie, bikes, and longslivami

Another sports option, suitable for cool weather. Oversized hoodies and long sleeves oversize will make the set universal and appropriate, will allow you to feel confident and comfortable. Such images are suitable for everyday wear and evening walks. A monochrome top will dilute brightly colored bicycles with a floral or urban print, and blouses decorated with embroidery or patterns will decorate monochrome shorts.

With voluminous tunics

Long sleeves with a free, laconic cut are the best option if you don’t want to attract too much attention to yourself. Having picked up the products which are combined on style and texture of materials, you will be able to create a quiet and not striking summer outfit for all occasions.

Cycling shorts with jeans and short leather jackets

This top can be combined with elongated shirts and T-shirts in addition to cycling. Rough denim or thick skin visually “dilute” the image, make the waist thinner, and hips – slimmer. You should not pick up too loose baggy models – a neat, cropped jeans just above the waistline will look much more appropriate.

Accessories and hairstyle

When creating an image with bicycles, the main thing is laconic simplicity and consistency. Tight-fitting shorts in themselves attract a lot of attention, so you should not complement them with too bright makeup or fancy hair. Careless high tail or neat curls, light make-up in natural nude tones, a pair of matching accessories, a handbag in a minimalist style and sunglasses – that’s all you need to look 100% full.

Cycling Shorts - Trend Season Spring-Summer 2019

Do not be afraid to experiment with bicycles – these trendy shorts can be the favorite thing of the summer wardrobe 2019!