The fringe, straight and long, has become a trend and increasingly famous lose the fear of scissors. Although generally favors all types of faces there are cases that could pass into oblivion. I leave you the images of before and after. Who dares?

She was the last to sign up for the bangs fashion and at what time she did it. Or I still have not gotten used to it or did not need the change of look. Also, the hair color does not suit you.

Sandra BullockSandra Bullock

It is true that this woman has never been able to boast a hair of advertisement but this change of look did not improve anything at all. The only thing he does is highlight the nose, which is not the strong point of his anatomy.

Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon

Although she was the typical blonde with blue eyes, little by little she has managed to find her style. It has a stylish hair, bright and of a beautiful tone that helps to take advantage of the bangs. The change is more than evident.

Mischa BartonMischa Barton

He is very young but has a definite style. The fringe highlights her eyes and gives a little point rebellious to that good girl face. In addition, the hair color looks great. Anyway, without fringe is also perfect.

Liv TylerLiv Tyler

The actress of Armaggedon is not going through her best time, but the fringe has managed to disguise the “face of bread” that has dragged for a couple of years. The hair collected does not favor anything.

Katie HolmeKatie Holme

The influence of her friend Victoria Bechkam has changed her look completely. Although the bangs and hair cut give a much more sophisticated air, I keep the natural look I wore in Dawson Grows. Much sweeter!

Jessica AlbaJessica Alba

I think it is the best example of that which is beautiful with anything … It has a face that allows everything, but put to choose better with clear face.

Hilary DuffHilary Duff

The passage from girl to woman has not been good for this girl. She was much better off with her blond mane and bangs, which was her hallmark since she was a child. The dark and withdrawn hair of the face hardens too its features.

Penélope CruzYou may also like to read : Natural makeup

Penélope Cruz

I have always thought that one of his strong bridges was his loose mane and without it loses much. The fringe favors it and also a little distance away from the image to which we are accustomed.

Paula EchevarríaPaula Echevarría

Although the same thing happens to Jessica Alba, she is beautiful with any hairstyle; she said that she looked better without the bangs. We are absolutely right!