Are You Aiming For The Jumpsuit a

My story with the jumpsuit or monkeys was never easy and its 3 tries I had to do until one of these clothes convinced me. Kirsten Dunst was my instigator and a year later, I have achieved my goal.

My first attempt was made at Bershka last summer, a khaki cotton jumpsuit with a studded belt. I think it cost 32 dollars and although I took it home did not finish fitting me, I looked like disguised as. Back to the store!

My second attempt is more than peculiar. Elha and Dominique, vacations, afternoon of shopping (after morning in the sun, with what the heat might have to see something) and two monkeys, apparently impossible, captivated us. We were so happy in Blanco , flipped with the garment … until we got home and we made the mistake of proving ourselves at once and in front of our respective (who did not hesitate to make us a video) , Telilla pulling cowgirl per with fall in light blue. It seemed that we had been taken out of a tacky 80’s video!!!

Are You Aiming For The Jumpsuit a And to the third, the defeated. In White, 32’90 dollars. A little loose in the body, tight a little at the waist and fall. He wears the buttons lined in fabric and a bow. Ideal! I have already released it and it fits with both heels and dancers. To go to the office and even to leave. I already have my jumpsuit !!!

Are You Aiming For The Jumpsuit aKirsten Dunst and Blake Lively wear the perfect jumpsuit with stilettos and handsome Nicole Richie who wears it with dancers or flip-flops.

Although in the stores there are many options of jumpsuit, it is true that on the street you do not finish seeing. This tendency is resisted perhaps by the same problem that I had, it is difficult to find something that fits you that is nice affordable and has a good price.

Are You Aiming For The Jumpsuit aIn Topshop have reinvented the jumpsuit in various fabrics, colors, cuts … Some more and other perfect swimmingmen to leave!

In Asos they also have a good repertoire. I love the first three!!!

Are You Aiming For The Jumpsuit aIn Springfield they are betting for something more conventional with jeans and cotton and in Pull and Bear stretch to make them long. Sincerely, the long jumpsuit I see less wearable in real life. Although the celebrities do not hesitate to get involved in one of these for movie premieres, presentations and so on, I think we’ll see much less in the street.

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In Mango also have versions for all tastes: the look of a little housekeeper’s milkweed or a more cared and printed fabric to make a look somewhat casual.

And I propose a bet how many of honor, bright cloth and long we will find in the sales of Stradivarius ?, will we get to buy them for 5 dollars? The model very cute, ignoring the boots, but … and us?

Have you targeted this trend? What do you combine them with?

By HieuJa