Babe Babe

Long time I noticed that I fell a lot of hair … At first it did not matter because I thought they were spring, autumn, stress, but in the end what I did not worry was becoming a problem!

Babe BabeThe truth is that I have a normal amount of hair but I have very fine and if I fall, I finally see three hairs (as my sister says).

In the pelu I was recommended the Kanebo Line Anticaída, Ginzakami … And I’m going phenomenal!!! I notice that the hair has gained thickness and more body, I fall a lot less hair and I grow super-fast!!!

Babe BabeI had heard of it but the truth is that I never encouraged because the price seemed high, around 90 euros, but this time the urgency and confidence in a brand as recognized as Kanebo, did the rest.

Babe BabeYou have a whole range of products but I have started with the lotion. Male and female version but asks your hairdresser because it depends much more on the type of scalp than on sex … In fact, I have the guy!

Do you have fall problems? Some infallible product?

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By HieuJa