Burning It

Burning It?Weight and fright! What a horror! Have you seen what Helena has found? To go running!!!

Burning“Hi girls! I follow you every day but it is the first time I write for a Burn … More than anything because this is like a pine tree, and I could not help but think of you as soon as I saw it!

These are two cross-shaped necklaces that I found in Asos. So far everything is normal, for tastes colors. But the uniqueness of these that I send … is that they are the size of a cathedral!!! Well, to be precise, not of a cathedral, but they occupy the entire front … Best of all, they say “trend” … In case you had not heard that it was worn !! I’m stunned. I see someone with that hanging and the least I can think of is that he has been ordained religious! “

I see it more props for a vampire movie than anything else!!! Burning

And for the cold, the best thing is this proposal that Rossalina brings us!

“I’ve always liked Kling; I think their clothes have something special that makes them different from the Inditex Empire. However, I think that this time the originality of this garment is excessive … is it really necessary to go out dressed in penguin more after Carnival? It’s cool, yes, but does that mean we have to blend in with the inhabitants of the polo? I’ve stayed frozen! “

Impossible!!! Straight to the bonfire, we prefer to warm up with that before putting on our coat!!!

BurningBurning Killing

And in Zara, in the area of ​​the neat corner I found t-shirts that I would have preferred never to see!!! Stripes, stars, white, black, yellow … A composition that should not exist!!!

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By HieuJa